I9250XXKK5 Volume Bug Fix Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250

just got a tweet from samfirmware that the firmware update with build number I9250XXKK5 believe to be release and can fix the volume bug issue of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250. The firmware is not available yet online but we all just hope that it's for real and will arrive sooner via Kies server or OTA(over the air).

The volume control bug issues is now much wider known among from those users who already purchased the Galaxy Nexus. According to Samsung  engineers, as well as a Google employee that the problem was confirmed to be a hardware flaw . But both state that it is common for this type of hardware flaw to be patched with software and it is likely that many devices you already own have such patches in place without you knowing it.
# The device has an issue of volume acting strangely. Most often the volume mutes very quickly. Sometimes the volume starts 'jumping' between muted and loud very quickly.
# This volume issue happens often during phone calls, using internet or receiving SMS text messages.
# Some users are also reporting that when calling, they can here 'radio interference' sounds.
# The device is often unresponsive while the problem happens.
# A detailed article about the issue and a video that demonstrates the issue has been posted on CNET.

Read along the rest of the story by kristovaher thread at XDA-developer.

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