Android 4.1 jelly bean features

After a tons rumors and news finally google announce there latest android version 4.1 jelly bean google previewed jelly bean at san francisco on wednesday in a conference for computer programmers.

I am listing top five features of jelly bean.

1.Introducing Google Now

Some of the new features have plugged in android 4.1 jelly bean and google now is one of them it helps you to get right information at the right time.If you say word "traffic" then it will look for your normal commute to work and give you proper routes if there's a lot more traffic .Also it'll give you time to time updates of your favourite sports games[this is 1 of my fav's].
    This feature will become more smarter as you use it.It represents apple iphone's siri.

2.Expandable Notifications

Android phones notification bar are always been important part of the features all movements of phone can be seen there .Jelly bean had more improved notifications bar now user can see larger apps,richer notifications that can be expanded and collapsed with pinch of your touch.Improved notification bar contains cool features including photos and multiple actions.

3.Voice typing offline 

google have taken the jelly bean on the most advance features now you can type with your voice and without internet connection isn't it cool !.Engineers have shorten the app engine to fit in phone .Of course the voice typing will be available in English[US] ,but the company are planning to add more languages very soon.

4.Improved Android Beam

Jelly bean will comes with advanced and improved android beam feature called android beam -sharing photos,videos will be possible by tapping two phones together it's a type of wireless technology called near-field communicators.This feature have also seen in samsung's Galaxy s3 but it's only works between two s3's.

5.Faster,smoother & convenient 

From the all populer features google has improved the jelly bean's UI [user interface].It's highly responsive and smoother to use.The company has increased the fps rat to 60 [WOW!].

 The google have made the touch experience blazing fast now when user touches the screen the whole CPU Get's to work .The animations,scrolling,gaming is very very smooth.

IT will be available in middle of july.The galaxy nexus has already received the jelly bean update,the other devices like nexus s ,galaxy s3 will be receiving it soon.

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  1. hey samir can plz help me to upgrade my iball 4.3a ... i have 2.3.5 in mobile ..i want to upgrade to 4.0 or more than it plz help me


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