Which is The Best Browser For Your Phone !

Best Browsers for Your Android Phone 

Though some users prefer using the same old default browser for the Android phone to avoid any frills, there are some who prefer to have glamorous browsers with multi-functional options and a set of new themes. Take a look at some of the attractive browsers for your Android.

Opera Mini

This is one of the browsers that Android phone users love to use because of its design, look and wonderful user interface. This is a trusted mobile browser made available to you in varied versions suiting your needs and requirements. The feature of ‘speed dial’ in this browser helps you to have 9 shortcuts. You can access then in just a single click! An in-built search bar and tab features are its other stunning features.
However, one drawback of this browser is it lacks the speed and customizability like Dolphin Browser. You can only get the results of Google search.

You can download it from here.

Dolphin Browser

This is an impressive browser with user-friendly interface. The tab options and browsing speed are the attractive features that make it the first choice of the Android phone users. With this browser on your Android phone, you can navigate different windows with no new windows been opened. Can you believe you can use gestures for navigating the browser in Dolphin Browser? Yes, it is true…
Suppose you desire to open up some new tab, you have to only draw “T” on your display screen and the tab will be opened. In this browser, you enter the commands with just one simple stroke of your finger.

Download it from here.


Skyfire Browser

This is one of the good browsers you have for your Android phone. Though you might not find this browser as impressive as the other two, yet there are some good features in it as well. This browser supports flash player and playing of flash videos on yahoo, YouTube and so on. Just like your desktop, you can bookmark your favorite website in the address bar. Isn’t this great?
Another new feature is the Explorer Button. This is great as this helps you to stay updated with the latest news from the diverse social networking websites.

Miren Browser  

The professional layout and impressive color of this browser catches the interest of one and all. With multi-tab, you also get 9 tab shortcut feature on your home page. If you cannot decide which browser to choose, call tech support now.

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