Get your New Year Right with Samsung technology

Here comes the New Year, bringing hope and opportunity to fulfill your incomplete tasks and achieve your goals set for 2013. So what are your resolutions for the New Year?

Self - Organization
Whether it’s your room, home or office – having an unorganized and cluttered space does not give a positive impression to any guests or clients. Moreover, a cluttered space also hampers your productivity and can give you unnecessary stress. However, organizing your work may look like an overwhelming task. Therefore, Samsung and Microsoft have joined hands to help you organize your space. Using your Samsung laptop and Windows 8, you can organize your folders and files as documents and files are indexed which make it easier for the user to search for or through them. Similarly, if you have documents in hard copy, you can scan them and save their digitized copy for future reference.

Fitness Conscious
One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is getting in shape. We plan an exercising routine, join gym, and plan a nutritional diet to reach our fitness target. Samsung can also help as it brings you a Smart TV – not for your entertainment only, but also to help you keep a track of your fitness routine. You can keep yourself informed with latest news, watch your favourite programs and plan your exercise routine. Smart TV also offers you apps like Fitness VOD, which hosts dozens of workout videos to suit your needs. Another app, Check Body, helps you plan a suitable diet for you, based on physical statistics like age, height, weight etc.

Family Time
Sometimes we get so entangled in our everyday work and business that we ignore our family and friends. Where technology has helped us to perform more efficiently in a lesser time period, it has also taken us away from our family and friends. Ironically, same technology gives you a remedy to connect with your loved ones. Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II enable their users to connect with family and friends in a very simple way – just by tapping the screen of the device. Download as many apps as you want in your Samsung’s Android device to stay connected with your loved ones while you’re on the go or whenever you like. Make sure you also install a strong anti-virus to keep your device protected from Android spyware and other malware.

Learn with Gadgets
With so many books to study and all the projects to make, you may not have enough time to concentrate completely on every subject or course that you study. Now, with Samsung tablets and electronic books you can study and learn in and out of your classrooms. These devices are light in weight and portable, so that you can continue to read or study in a bus, train or car.  

Get your Fun
You don’t have to make resolutions about serious stuff like study and fitness only; fun can also be a major part of your New Year’s resolutions. If you do not have enough time to go on a vacation, then stay home and enjoy some fun time with your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, a powerhouse of entertainment. Play games, watch videos or listen to your favorite music – you can do this and lot more with this amazing tablet.

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