Build Your First Apps for Android Developers

With the growing technology, there are many different kinds of mobile phones available in the world which are made and designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of different people. One of the most loved phones by the people of the world is the Android phones as these are one of the latest technology phones are being loved by the people on a large scale. There is also a provision for some of the mobile users that they can even develop an application for their Android mobile phone that can be used by them with the help of Android Training Course. Below mentioned are a few steps and tips with the help of which one can easily develop an app for their Android phone.

Getting started

One of the most important steps which one needs to know before they start developing their first app for the Android phone is to grab information about the Android Application Development system. Before one starts the development of their preferred they should do the following steps.
  • Downloading of the Android SDK which would help in development of the android app.
  • Installation of the ADT plug in which would further help in fulfillment of the Eclipse software.
  • Downloading of the appropriate and correct SDK tools which can be used in the functioning of the SDK manager.

Starting the development of the application

Android application development is a software which helps in the correct development and designing of the application. The proper tools are required for the designing of the android app which can also be used for the development of Java applications.

Knowing about the developer tool box

The developer tool box is considered to be a tool box which helps in making of the correct code with the help of which the android applications and features function. This helps the users in creating the custom components which helps them in making of their android app.

Creation of the android app

For the creation of the android app which can run of an android phone, one needs to have an android project which contains all the files and source codes with the help of which one can easily create an Android application.

Running of the application

Once all the above mentioned steps are followed, the Android developers are now ready to make their created application to function on the Android phones. The running of the app depends on two things
·         Whether the Eclipse is being used on the phone
·         The phone is a real powered Android device
Once all this is checked, the app is ready to be used

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Claudia has a lot of experience in the world of Android and has made available the Android Training Course for many people. With the help of this course, many people have understood the exact steps that are involved in the development of the Android app, follow me @ITdominus1.


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