Fashion Apps: Top Five Apps For You

Fashion frenzy peeps, attenzione! We all know, how people conscious people are of the apps others have, so when someone's checking out your "smartphone" they really are even plunging into an investigation to see how cool your collection of apps are. Do you have the right amount of ammo based games, nothing of the auto-theft, no need for speed? Aside from just draining your memory space with apps you really don't need, we don't realize that there are some really good apps that will make you appreciate your phone more. Everyone and we mean everyone has a flare for fashion, and we need to know if we're up to date on the latest.

We bring you five of the best apps, for your smartphone, through which you can browse, check for the latest on fashion, and keep your style quotient in tune with the latest trends.

1. Chicfeed

Chicfeed is a style blog, and not just like any other, of which there are tons! It’s not just a place where fashion scribes from every any quarter come together. Chicfeed is a simpler app, which keeps you updated on the latest, from the rarest and most unique of fashions, to the glamour of the big names in fashion! Get your style tips from fashion blogs, all over, which are picked and chosen and presented on this app. You'll get blogs from not just any random, or most viewed fashion hub, but from the best known ones including The Sartorialist, Jak and Jilblod, Face Hunter, Cherry Blossom Girl, Altamira and LookBook. This app, is available on your iPhone and Android devices, and comprises a smooth outlay, for easy viewing, navigation and reading. Compare photos with information, every time you’re stuck for ideas for an outfit before a fun night out! 

2. Snapette

"Oh Snap!" Are the kind of comments you want to hear when you’re out with your buddies and even those high to the sky non-buddies. With Snapette you can check with the newest clothes and apparel available at the top brands near you. Even if these stores aren't in your town, you can reference the styles, just to know what's in, and what's so last fall! Snapette has the best brands you know you love, so compare prices, and see where you get the best deal. Also, you know the feeling when you shop at a pricey store, and you cringe at buying an expensive dress, but know you just gotta have it, and once you swipe your card, and walk across to the next store, you find a better and cheaper version of the outfit you just picked up. That really pinches, don't it? With Snapette you can shop sensibly by comparing, critiquing and cashing in! Hey and what about all those sales, you've been waiting for? Don't leave it to the stores to alert you by text messages, and stay ahead, before the best sizes get sold out. This app is available for iPhones and Android devices, and won't overload your smartphone. Gear up, the world is your ramp! 

3. Stylebook

This app we just love! It’s the best way to take advantage of technology, and a very large wardrobe, new-age style. Stylebook will help you, organize your merchandise. You'll be surprised at how great your wardrobe really is. Just when you think you've tried every fashion app, this one is seriously different. Weave your way through this apps many options, which let you import your clothes, and then allow you to mix 'em and match 'em, and arrive at new combinations which spark up the style meter. This app even keeps in memory clothes you tend to forget you have, so instead of rushing out again to blow more bucks, even though we don't disagree that it’s therapeutic, pause, and check this app, to see what you got. Create your own style, or recreate the popular ones through this app. Hey, this app also comes in a version for the home, so don't feel left out you guys. This app can be downloaded on iPhones. Enjoy! 

4. Go Try It On

This app, is yes, we admit a social network in form, but is a lot more in character, as you're about to find out. If you’re impaled by the lack of inspiration that confronts you when you check yourself in the mirror and don't have anyone for advice, stop stalking Heidi Klum, and get this app. Your fashion queries, style doubts and missing (chain) link to your styles will all be set right. You can address your problems before friends and bloggers. You can also get answers from brands that are open to giving out fashion secrets. So cue on, and trade in your misfits from a more befitting fashion complete life.
It gets more interesting, this app let's you take your own photo session, post up the pictures and get opinions. This could lead to endless hours of fun and insight. Window shop new styles and clothes, and get conscious of the best styles available. Throw your favorite styles into your shopping list and compare with friends and family. This app is available on your iPhone. 

5. Pose

Listen up fashionestas, if you're really daring and think you're a trendsetter, don’t hide in your closet, fess up, and show it off to the world. Poise yourself in the best attire after referencing this app. You'll get tips and advice from those who know fashion the best.  You can even get quick access to icons such as Rachel Zoe, Leandra Medine and Coco Rocha. You won’t have to deal with those dozens of unwanted sources of fashion ramble, which is so off the mark. This app is restricted to the top and exclusive fashion folks only, who really know their styles. Stay fashion forward and get bold with your wardrobe. These pictures are exclusive and will guide you on the road to Rome. This app is available for download on iPhone and Android devices.

This was posted by Julia. Her passion for upgrading her knowledge puts her to research on topics relevant to her industry. Besides, she also likes to share her findings by writing about them in her free time. Also have a look on the top 10 android mobiles in India.

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