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While you might have been using the same website design for some time with consistent results, it can still be worth considering an upgrade. What does this mean, though, in terms of design and new features? When changing a website, you can focus on finding a company that can better optimise your site for SEO, while also enhancing your social media profile and future proofing your site for mobiles and other devices. Over time, this can help to drive more traffic to your site and increase your search engine ranking.

In terms of optimising your site, you can hire a web development or SEO specialist to go through your existing pages to see what kinds of traffic it’s currently receiving, and whether that can be significantly increased by re-organising and adding to elements. Slow loading problems can also be identified, while pages with out of date content and code can be altered to make sure that you’re providing a clean user experience.

Optimisation can also be achieved, though, by increasing the amount of original content on your site; this approach is becoming more and more important to helping websites to climb up the Google rankings, and can involve posting blog entries, getting guest posts written, and going through your product descriptions and other pages to ensure that the right keywords are being used, and that your URL and page headers are in the best shape for search engines to identify them as relevant.

If you haven’t already added it to your site, social media toolbars can be an excellent way to encourage users to share your content. Having a live Twitter account can also make it easier to link up sites and social media profiles, and can enable you to further boost your site’s SEO ranking by increasing the amount of social shares and backlinks between networks and your page.

Another good approach to take if you want to upgrade your current involves hiring a company to redesign it to be more accessible across mobile devices. While it’s possible to create mobile only versions of sites that’ll appear in the right dimensions on other devices, you can also choose to have your page rewritten in CSS3 to respond to automatically resize itself for different platforms. Other options for future proofing your site include adding infinite scrolling to pages, rather than breaking down your content into multiple pages.

For any upgrades to your existing website, always consult with a web design company, with providers like Webigence able to go over your site and recommend changes that can boost your visibility and fix any areas that may no longer work as well in search engines. Updating sites to be more social friendly, and more capable of working well across multiple devices is only going to become more important in the future, so make it a priority to upgrade now.

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Rosette is a freelance writer with interests in web design and new media of all kinds. She recommends consulting with Webigence over your site’s redesign and optimisation. Hugh can be found blogging about how to get the most out of your site.

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