Best free utilities for Android in 2013

Android applications can increase your quality of life in ways you may not even realize are possible. There are apps that exist that help you track your life, scan documents with the click of a button, along with apps that can help you get your Android device back if its stolen. The best part is that many of these apps are free.

Here are some of the most useful Android apps that you can download for free:

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a radio app that lets you listen to the music that you want, the news, sports stations, and talk shows. Users can choose from among 2 million concerts, shows, or podcasts and 70,000 radio stations. The app is free and is designed to be intuitive and simple, so users find it simple to find what they want and switch between stations.


Evernote lets you create notes that include text, photos, lists, or voice reminders. What's so great about this app is that it's cross platform. The content you create on your phone is available to you on your other devices. Evernote can be a great resource for students and professionals. It's easy to use and has robust note-taking features.


Saga lets you keep track of your life. The app uses your phone's sensors to find your location. Then your location is stored, along with the time that you spent at that location. You can look back on this information later to get a general picture of what your life was like at any time frame. Saga learns more about you the longer you use the app and begins to give you feedback about your routines.


µTorrent is a superior torrent client. Its Android app brings the same high quality torrenting experience to your Android device. It allows you to download and upload content from wherever you are. µTorrent doesn't impose any size or speed limits on mobile downloads, which gives the app a lot of power.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games is a good way for you to find new games, monitor your scores and achievements, and stay up-to-date with your friend's gaming habits. This app is nice because it synthesizes all of your Android game experiences into one experience. It also allows you to join multiplayer games.

Thief Face Trap Mini

If your phone is stolen, it can be very difficult to get it back. It could be anywhere. Phone security apps like Thief Face Trap Mini can help you get your stolen phone back. You can get your phone to ring, take pictures, or send details about its location or battery level by sending it a text message. One particularly nice thing about Thief Face Trap Mini is that it doesn't require an Internet connection to function.


Scanning documents can be a hassle, even if you own a digital scanner. You have to line the paper up correctly, and the scanning process takes a long time on most digital scanners. CamScanner lets you scan documents by taking a picture of them. It then creates a PDF of the scanned document. The documents come out clear and are tough to decipher from documents scanned using a digital scanner.

There are Android apps to suit nearly every need. If you have an idea of an app that you think could help you with a common problem, you're likely to find a solution in the Google Play store.

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