Top Questions To Ask A Potential Network Administrator

Are you looking for a new network administrator but finding that good candidates are hard to come by? It’s no surprise - not in today’s technology obsessed world, where everybody can claim to be a computer whizz but few people have the unique skills needed to be an invaluable team asset. Hiring and firing tech personnel can be extremely tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare scenario. The key is to know what you’re looking for in a candidate and a potential network administrator.
There are certain things that a master network administrator should know and these are the things that you can use to distinguish between the good candidates and the bad. Prepare a list of questions before you interview any candidates and you can then use their answers to pick the star player from the rest of the bunch, say the experts at 

What Is A TCP Three Way Handshake? 

Asking a relatively simple question early on in an interview can be a good way to sniff out those who aren’t ready for the position that you’re offering. Once you’ve gotten to know the candidate a little and you’ve wandered through their various qualifications and skills – it’s time to get down to business. As aforementioned, it isn’t all that difficult these days to get a degree in computing and call yourself an IT professional. However, only 10-15% of these ‘IT professionals’ have very strong technical skills and it’s the candidates that belong to that group that you want to sniff out. The experts at Talk Tech To Me advise an employer to let a candidate go into a detailed answer if they want, but to look for certain key phrases that pick that candidate out as skilled. 

Do You Belong To Any User Groups? 

This is a question that will test your candidate’s passion for technology and his flexibility and adaptability in a crisis situation. Now, you’re not expecting the network administrator you hire to be an individual that will never get anything wrong and never make any mistakes – that’s just not realistic. However, if your network administrator does get caught in a bind, it’s still his or her duty to get out of it. Being a part of a user group of peers can be a very quick way to solve a problem. It also shows that he or she has a genuine interest in technology. 

What’s The Worst Mistake You’ve Ever Made?

A good candidate will be slightly unsure about how to answer this question, but they won’t tell an obvious lie. It doesn’t really matter what their answer is – it is their willingness to answer that is important. As long as they’ve never stolen anything or caused any catastrophic network meltdowns in previous positions – reassure them that you’re only asking in order to find out whether or not they are able to learn from past mistakes, says Networking For Dummies author Doug Lowe. If a candidate is clearly lying or trying to avoid the question – you might want to think about giving them a miss.
What’s The Worst Network You’ve Ever Managed? 

Managing a company network can be a very sensitive job, especially if the company in question works with security issues or public data records. The answer to this question will allow you to judge a candidate’s discretion and reliability. The perfect candidate will not avoid the question but they will tell a story that doesn’t contain any specific information about a previous company or role. Any potential candidate who answers in lots of detail should probably stop being a ‘potential’ candidate as soon as possible.
Author Bio:  Rosette  is a business consultant and former network administrator. She recommends for a great selection of top quality computer networking equipment. 

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