Best News Aggregators for Android

Just like there is an abundance of newspapers and TV channels doling out the latest and interesting news from every corner of the globe, the Internet is also inundated with apps and websites that bring the latest news from across the world, with a curated approach, so that the user gets to know about it, whenever he wants. Here are some of the best news aggregators from across the Internet that deliver interesting, thoughtful, and latest news that are available on the Android ecosystem.


Feedly is available on most browsers including Firefox, Safari and Chrome, and can also be downloaded on iPhones and Android phones. Add Feedly to the mobile device or browser and enjoy breaking news, as well as get links or updates to some of the best blogs on the Internet. What’s more, Feedly also lets one adapt a user’s news experience according to their preferences, letting the user add the favorite and most often read sites to the list. Offering a rich multimedia experience, Feedly also enables in freely sharing interesting items with friends on social networks such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


This is one of the best-looking news aggregators, and the UI is minimalistic, making it easier to focus on reading. It syncs with your Feedly account, so that whatever news you read on all devices will be synced through the cloud. It is not free, but offers the best news reading services on Android.

Google News

Google News recently got a facelift. Aggregating thousands of newspapers, online magazines, news organizations, and blogs from around the Internet and delivering interesting and trending content instantaneously, Google News is one of the most sought after news aggregation services on the Internet. Many people have set this news aggregation site as their browser’s home page.


One of the Web’s most trusted and popular news site, Fark consistently delivers the latest news on a wide range of thought provoking, important, and interesting topics. At Fark, one also gets to enjoy hilarious and offbeat news that is not listed anywhere else on the Internet. The team at Fark ensures that the best stories stay on top while the old and uninteresting ones simply disappear. For an interesting and entertaining twist on the news of the day, Fark and its community are the places to visit.


Designed for both the Android OS and for iOS (for iPhone and iPad), Pulse culls the best news items of the day that it thinks might be of interest to the user. The information is sent in a strikingly tiled interface that can be tapped to read any interesting news item or to watch a video. Pulse allows in adding the favorite websites and topics of interest, thus allowing some control over the sources and topics one chooses to read about. However, if a single glance at the top stories of the day is on the mind, then the user can rely completely on Pulse to deliver them to him/her. 

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