5 New Google Play Apps To Help You Prevent Hair Loss

Certainly, hair loss today is a major issue for both men and women all over the world. Millions of people visit a hair specialist each year to find a solution to this problem. In recent years, technology has played a vital role in helping individuals maintain a healthy hair and prevent hair loss. With the popularity of smart phones, developers have come up with new apps to make these efforts even simpler. If you own a one of those amazing Android gadgets, here are the top five apps you should download to help you prevent hair loss:

  1. Hair Fall Solutions
This app is available from Google Play for free download and installation. The main aim of Hair Fall Solutions is to offer users the best tips to prevent hair loss. It also provides a guide to maintain your hair growth, which is easy to follow.
As aforementioned, hair loss is a big problem for many individuals today. This problem comes from the products people use on their hair, the food they consume and the environment in which they live in. This app offers the most basic ways one can prevent hair loss by providing advice on products to use, the diet to follow and what to avoid.
  1. Skin And Hair Care
If you have dandruff or lifeless hair, all which contribute to hair loss, then this app is for you. People of Asian origin will especially find this app very useful since half of the preparations are made specifically for their type of hair.
The main thing that makes this app unique is that it also offers skin care tips as its name suggests. A healthy skin reflects on one's inner health and affects ones overall appearance including the hair. Hence, by offering vital skin care tips, the app helps you fight hair loss from another angle.
  1. Hair Loss Prevention Guide
This app enables you to stay on top of the latest hair loss information. If you love a full head of hair as most people do, then you understand that hair loss can be a very traumatic experience. At times, hair loss goes deeper than just the products you use on your hair or the food you take.
It involves a number of environmental and psychological factors. Even though scientists have explored this subject extensively, they still do not have all the answers and new information keeps becoming known. Hence, you need this app to keep updating you on the latest information, tips and solutions that work.
  1. Hair Care Solutions Lite
Hair certainly plays a vital role in the life of every individual. In fact, some beauty experts say that hair contributes about 50% of the overall appearance of a woman. Even for men, it can transform their look significantly. When you have a healthy hair, you can style it in numerous ways to keep up with the latest trends and look amazing.
You need to take steps to ensure your hair remains healthy especially as you age. Better hygiene and a healthy diet are two keys to keeping your hair healthy. You will be able to prevent dandruff, breakage and hair falling. The Hair Care Solutions Lite app helps you achieve all these things by providing the best possible advice for your hair. It offers tips and suggestions diet, supplements and hair products.
  1. Black Hair Care
At times, many of the tips and suggestions the above apps offer may not work so well for the women of color. However, African American women are not left out when it comes to technology and hair loss. The Black Hair Care app is designed to be the ultimate source of hair care needs for black women. A part of maintain great hair is reading about other people of your own race who have done it.
This app has a bunch of inspiring stories to encourage you as you make efforts to maintain your hair. It has an amazing interface that is easy to use. It contains news of the latest tips, upcoming hair events, videos, photos and links to social media so that you can share with all your friends your progress. It is available for free download from Google Play.
Author Bio-
This guest post is by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger. She enjoys learning about the latest fitness technologies and likes to share her thoughts through her blog posts. She is currently writing for Truly You, a clinic that carries out hair transplant surgeries. You can catch up with her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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