9 Big Reasons Why You Should Put The Samsung Galaxy S3 In Your Pocket

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best performing phones in the market, overshadowing various other Smartphones .However, it has faced major competition from the iPhone 5.Therefore, many people are caught between a rock and a hard place, when faced with the decision to choose which the better of the two is better.
Although Samsung Galaxy S3 is now of the "previous generation", due to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is still as valuable as before. Many people, especially the tech fans love it as they find it easier to use, thanks to its relative openness, microSD card slot, and lack of restrictions. Here are some benefits that may convince you to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3.
Favorable price and deals

Buying a Samsung Galaxy S3 at an affordable price is very easy, especially now when it is considered as an "old phone". This is very beneficial to those who run on a tight budget.
Suitable design

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a plastic bodied phone with a removable rear battery cover. It is not as wide as the most recent iPhone, hence being convenient for use while handling it. This is great news especially for people with small hands.
In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in a variety of choice of finishes. They come in quite a number of colors such as white, blue, black, red, brown and even grey. There are also varieties of protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S3. Furthermore, the Samsung phone is much lighter in weight than other phones such as the iPhone 5.
Better audio

Samsung Galaxy S3 has the ability of converting digital music files to signals that the headphone will play without any conversions or configurations required. In addition, it supports the apt-x, which is a choice blue tooth codec that one can use with more advanced Bluetooth headphones.
Cool media skills

This phone has an impressive media support. It is able to play a wide array of video and audio formats, including lossless FLAC tracks as well as MKV videos. Furthermore, transferring media files using a Samsung galaxy s4 is way more easier as you only need to plug in the phone into a computer and the internal memory of the phone will show up as a disk drive, letting you drag and even dropping files.
Great software

The Samsung phone that boasts of impressive software has several functions. It has numerous whistles and bells, some which include gesture navigation, gesture typing, face unlock, all share video streaming, an fm tuner, and so much more. This phone enjoys the support of HDMI, where various videos and movies can be watched in a TV in the Samsung phone.
Wide range of accessories

The Samsung Galaxy S3 also offers a variety of accessories to complement your phone. These include; Samsung earphones, charger plug-to jam them in for charging and even a microUSB cable. The earphones offer significantly improved audio quality over other phones.
Awesome connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has more open connections, using the industry-standard microUSB port, with MHL compatibility. In addition, Samsung users enjoy wireless connectivity; WI-FI direct enables you to transfer files to up to date devices quick and easy; all-share allows you to fire over music and videos to Samsung TVs using the WI-FI in your home.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has NFC, which is the latest gift from wireless connectivity world. This allows you to pay for small items in the high streets, without use of any credit card or cash.
Ample storage

Underneath the plastic battery cover of the Samsung Galaxy S3, is a microSD that will take cards up to 64gb.This makes it quite more affordable compared to other phones, which will charge you, extra for those extra gigabytes. Having the microSD slot allows the Samsung Galaxy S3 to have an expansive internal storage capacity.
Strong battery

The Samsung galaxy boasts of a more long lasting and stronger battery, having a large main unit of 1440mAh.It works well when set under constant tasks such as web browsing. In addition, you can easily carry a charged spare when going to a place that may not give you access to a power socket for quite some time .The battery can even be wirelessly charged without the use of a cable.
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