Managing Cache on an Android Device

Before, seeing how to clear the cache on the Android device, let's see what the cache is. Cache is a word used to require the physical disk space to describe applications or processes running. For example, you can open an image file in a specific cache space due to compression of the same features that the system needs to store this information for later use. Most of applications developed by Android application developers do capture lot of cache in the smartphone. Normally, when the image or the corresponding program to include cache is deleted, but it does not always happen.

The reasons for the accumulation of cache files can be several. First, they cannot be deleted because it is still in use that do are not planned this second application, or you have decided to get cached data on your Android device so you can access them quickly the next time. So, from time to time it can be very helpful to clear the cache and recover disk space or increase the performance of your Android device.

Today we introduce you to the app called App Cache Cleaner, extremely useful application when it comes to cleaning Android cache. These are some of the features:

• Clear when you open the app
• Auto Clear the cache at a specified interval
• Auto exit when you cleaned all cached files
• clear the cache for a specific application
• List applications by either cache size or app name

At all times , at the top of the screen App Cache Cleaner shows the total memory on your Android device and also the amount of space to get it clean cache for each of your applications after you. But the goal is not only that, it can also be a creep that has applications to recover lost because of the large amount of cache.  It has quite user’s friendly. UI because of its simplified android application development and stylish looks .Therefore App Cache Cleaner can also be used to solve some problems with some applications that will not start.

Clear the cache on Android

After you have installed the application from Google Play continues following steps:

• Step 1: Launch App Cache Cleaner from your home screen.
• Step 2: Wait a few seconds / minutes until the application will scan your Android phone and search the cache for each application.
• Step 3: Once the scan is complete, you will receive a list of all the applications scanned and right (red) is the value used for the cache to see.
• Step 4: To clear the cache for each app, just tap “Delete All" button at the bottom of the screen and wait until its end.
• Step 5: If you want to check all the applications again, tap “recycling symbol " button in the lower right corner.
• Step 6: For the application based on the amount of cache used Pop - “The Size Descending " or " Ascending by Size " box to rank up , tap the Sort button in the lower left corner and choose .


App Cache Cleaner has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play is one of the preferred tools for users to perform maintenance on internal or external storage on Android devices . The latest version was released a few months ago, supporting a greater number of applications and help more space.

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