5 Android Apps That Will Help You Beat Depression This Year

 Everyone is excited because we've just stepped into a new year, but it won't be long until the pain comes back. You don't want to fall into a bout of depression this year if things don't go your way because it could ruin your life. Here are a few android apps you can download to your phone and they will help you get through the year in one piece.

It's almost impossible to feel great when you're depressed because you get stressed out over the smallest things. This makes you feel even worse and it doesn't give you a break from your condition. If you can slow down your mind you might be able to fight depression a lot better because nothing will be holding you back. The reason this app works is because it teaches you all those little techniques to help alleviate stress and anxiety so you can try to get on with your life.

When you have depression you won't want to smile because what is the point? It's hard to stop feeling bad when you never have a chance to feel positive. The Positive Thinking app will try to pick you up by giving you lots of motivational quotes. It will give you a chance to feel positive again if only for a few minutes. Once you start feeling positive throughout the day you can get to a stage where the positive thoughts overcome the depression.

There isn't a switch inside you that flicks on when you're depressed. A lot of people seem to think it's something you have or haven't got, but they fail to realize a lot of people can be on a particular area of the depression scale at any point. It means when you're trying to get better your depression won't just magically go away, so by using this app you will be able to test if your treatment is working. You can make sure you're making even the smallest improvements each week.

If you don't have a healthy body it's hard to have a healthy mind. Fitness also clears your head which makes it one of the best ways to get rid of depression. If you want to do everything properly you will need some help and the FitnessBuilder app is all you need. It's a lot cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer. The app comes with great workouts you can work your way through and once you get going you'll see a big improvement in your mood.

Depression can strip you of the motivation to do anything worthwhile. If you're not doing anything worthwhile it's hard to move forward with your life. You don't want to turn around after a few years of being depressed to realize your life has stood still. Happy Habits will help you tackle particular habits so you're always moving forwards. When you achieve certain goals it will also go some way to getting rid of the depression because you'll feel great.

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