3 Home Improvement Apps From Android That You Will Love!

Getting to grips with a full on DIY project is no laughing matter and you really need to get your head in gear before setting foot in that home improvement store. By rushing into things and forgetting to formulate a decent plan, you are essentially setting yourself up for a rather nasty fall. So let’s take a different approach and see what your favourite Smartphone applications have to offer the intrepid DIY fan. We have 3 cool Apps right here that will certainly allow you a little extra inspiration when you decide to pick up those tools in anger. Please check out our 3 unbiased reviews and see if any of the applications could fit into your toolbox before your next DIY activity.

This application is all about unlocking the designers inside each and every one of us and it does this in a very cool way indeed. Start browsing through the myriad of cool slides and even cooler videos to find something that really appeals to you. The high resolution visual displays cannot fail to inspire you into creating something equally beautiful for your home. There are also a host of repair guides that allow you to get a few extra miles from that broken chair or defective table. When you find something that really floats your oat, why not upload it to your favourite social media page for some engaging chat from your buddies and colleagues?

Our second Android home improvement application is all about bringing some of the best deals into your living room. The Home Depot offer over 600,000 different home improvement products that practically leap out of your smartphone or tablet and you’ll find hours of useful fun when you start perusing the contents. You can even order the gear that you want and have it delivered to your front door without lifting so much as a finger. If you are feeling energetic, why not use the store locator feature to check out where your closest Home Depot is? Whatever type of project you are contemplating or home appliance that you are requiring, you’ll find it all here on your Home Depot Android Smartphone appliance. The voice search option is also a lot of fun and why not take advantage of this whilst using your hands to make a cup of coffe or something even tastier? We love this App and thoroughly recommend you download it soon!

We have saved the best for last here, because this bad boy contains more ‘how to’ guides than you’ll ever be able to try out for yourself. wikiHow has more than 120,000 worthwhile articles onboard and a huge chunk of these are DIY-centric. Just about anything and everything that you ever needed help with is included in this free application. The only issue that we had with it is the possibility of becoming so engrossed that you may just forget what it was that you were looking for!

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So grab one two or all three of these beauties and get cracking with that home improvement project before they start charging!

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Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, Primestone, professional limestone pavers in Perth. She has a very dynamic personality and she enjoys trying new things. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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