3 Android Apps That Will Make Every Busy Mum Very Happy

Busy mothers everywhere need to be experts in multitasking or otherwise the whole family is likely to fall to pieces. These unsung heroes are expected to soldier on through the week whilst performing a balancing act that any travelling circus would be proud of. They usually are in charge of the catering, the housekeeping, the childcare and most of the chores. And some of them even have jobs to hold down as well. So how about getting a little help by way of our favourite Smartphone Apps?  We’ve got 3 of the latest organisational bad boys here and they are sure to make every busy mum very happy indeed. Please check them out and see if you can’t let that special person in your life know how much she really means to you and your kids!

Making lists is all part and parcel of any busy mum’s daily schedule and that’s where this application comes into the equation. Instead of scribbling on a scrap of paper or perhaps destroying a perfectly good calendar, Cozi Family Calendar & Lists does it all with so much more style. You can colour code the whole document and keep a tight ship running in each and every aspect of your family’s routine, or perhaps you’d rather keep a separate planner for each member. The ‘to do’ lists options are almost unlimited and the reminders really work a treat also. Shopping lists are a piece of cake and you’ve even got a family journal that you can add photos to for those treasured moments we all love to reminisce over. Overall, this is a great way to stay in charge and reduce a little wasted paper in the process.

Shopping for a hungry family is something that busy mums everywhere know all about. And they get on with it without so much as a whisper, but it can be a real hardship you know! So how about an application that can make the whole process so much easier? The next time the busy mother in your life is out shopping at the Carpet stores Toronto, this application can really come to the rescue. You can build a slick shopping list that really makes perfect sense, and if you shop at the same store, simply set up the list to coordinate with the indivual shop layout. There is even a voice search tool that adds items to your list and how about the barcode scanner that does the same job in a jiffy? We love the Grocery iQ application and so will that special mother in your life!

Our final busy mother Android App really is the jewel in the family crown, and then some! It is one of the best baby trackers we have ever seen. You use the tool to input your baby’s moods and pretty much everything your little cutie does 24/7. This information can be passed onto your childminder, Kindergarten teacher and everyone else who needs to get to know your child. We love it and so will you, and that is a promise!
3 of The Best!
We reckon that that busy Mum in your life will like all 3 of these Android Apps so why not do the decent thing and grab them all right now?

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