Concerned About Your Android Smartphone Security? Then Read This!

Lovers of Android Smartphones have always been aware that their precious handheld devices are at risk to nefarious intruders. The security issue that comes to mind as far as this operating system is concerned needs to be taken rather seriously. Although things are definitely tighter than in previous years, we should still take preventative actions should the worst case scenario rear its ugly head. With this sobering thought in mind, we have gathered 3 of the best Android Smartphone security applications for some unbiased reviews. We would recommend that you take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to see of any of these can give you a better night’s sleep!

Okay, we will get the security App ball rolling with this development by those clever chaps over at Avast! The first thing to stand out here is the fact that the whole App is totally free and seems to have most bases covered from the very start! Indeed, Avast! Mobile Security has an impressive array of tools that will suit most of your needs. The essential ant-virus protection is here and it certainly will do a sterling job of keeping the bugs well away from your data. And we love the anti-theft feature that is based on an older application known as Theft Aware. This works by allowing you to remotely wipe all sensitive data if your phone should ever fall into the wrong hands. You can also lock down the SIM card, play a loud siren, and block any USB debugging activities! If your device is rooted, you will also be able to control network traffic via the firewall feature.

Lookout is probably amongst the earliest of all Android security applications and that means that it has got a handle on exactly what needs to be done here. This very popular company have developed an excellent security App that has the ability to actually backup your contacts online and move them over to a separate device at your command. The anti-virus features are as solid as you would expect and the malware detection effectiveness is as good as it gets. According to the AV-Test report, this application is the one that you should be looking for, and the free version has more than enough oomph to kick most of those virus devils where it really hurts! You can always spend $3 per month for the full version and then you can use this bad boy on a pair of phones simultaneously as well as being able to back up your phone calls and call history.

Our final Android Smartphone security App is a real belter that is a newcomer to the stage, but that doesn’t mean it can’t kick virus butt all over the place. In fact, this application could be compared to dog security brisbane style toughness without any issues. Try this one because it is free and will wow you with its extra features!

3 Of The Best?
We reckon that is the case and we would recommend any of this trio to make your Smartphone a far safer place to be!

The author of this article, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Queensland Security Solutions. She has a very dynamic personality and she enjoys trying new things. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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