Top 5 Best SmartPhone Educational Applications

A smartphone won't be called like that without significant reasons. Smarter than people if you may say. Students nowadays are mostly using smartphones not just for personal use but for academic purposes. Smartphones can actually help the students to improve their grades instead of distracting them to study.

Smartphones these days are students' gadget on the go when studying. With that said, there are a lot of educational applications useful for academic works of students. Below are the top 5 best smartphone applications that students can download, they are as follows:

Dictionary. This application is absolutely free! Dictionary includes at least 1,000,000 word definitions and almost 90,000 synonyms and antonyms. If ever a student need look for the meaning of a certain word for academic use, they would just tap the application and type in the word. It also give out phonetic and audio pronunciation, its origin and history.

Graphing calculator. This smartphone app will cost you $1.99 and one of the best educational app according to TIME Magazine. Your smartphone won't just be useful for texting, calling and web surfing but it will make your phone a very reliable graphing calculator with high-resolution function plotter. With the use of this app, students can now key in multiple equations on the same graph. The graph can also be sent to themselves. Finding the exact coordinates for roots and alike will be now easier. Not only that, the graph can be seen on television or projector with the use of adapter.

Periodic table of elements. Good news, this application is for free! As well, periodic table of element is a must have for every student taking up Chemistry. It will always be a requirement for semester. This application can help the students to access the entire table with matching color-coded according to type of element. It also include the element name in English and Japanese, the chemical symbol. Atomic number and mass, family name, classification, and alike.

Eponyms. Another useful and free smartphone application for students. This application is specifically designed for Medical students. Eponyms provides nearly 1,700 descriptions of medical terms. It can also help you to memorize those terms by putting a star on a certain word.

Free Books – This smartphone application is worth $1.99. Students need to read and most of the time, there are so many required readings for them. Free Books can help students to access over 23, 469 classic novels, quotations, philosophies and writers' biographies. So students can read everywhere and what more important is that you don't need to connect online to read them. You can find the works of Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Jane Austen, J. D. Salinger and a lot more!

Now, what are you waiting for? Download those smartphone applications to get even higher grades!

Lissie Samson is a Creative Writing major. She spends her time between studying and being one of the essay writers in Australia. She likes sharing something she knows that is why she's a active on her Google+ An internet lurker since 2007.

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