How to Use Your Android Device As Wireless Mic

When Your microphone is broken you don't have to buy another one ,You can Use your Android Device as Microphone at no cost ..
Wo Mic App

You just have to download Few Files and you are ready to go. Benefits of using this app

  • Wireless microphone without any cost
  • Can be used with any programs on PC like REAL microphone
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Supports auto reconnection when your PC reboots
  • Support multiple connection methods: Wifi, Bluetooth and USB
Requirements - Android phone/tablet,Wireless internet connection,wo mic app

Download the App from - HERE

Download its Pc server Files - HERE

"This App Also Supports Usb,Bluetooth connection But we are going to use WiFi"
After downloading and installing the app open it up and go to settings.The screenshot below will help you .
Wo Mic

Go to settings ,and select transport type 

Select Wifi
after selecting wifi head back to the home screen (make sure that your device and pc/laptop are connected to the Wifi)There you will see ip address (note this address ) and select start

Now go to your pc and make sure that you have installed the server files,after that open wo mic server application and in the upper left corner select connect.


select transport type Wifi and enter the ip address that we had noted earlier

Select Wifi

Finally click ok and your device will be connected as Wireless Micrphone 

Connection Successful

You can hear it directly from speaker Just check "Play In speaker" in options 

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