The Five Best App Strategies: Marketing And Distribution

Creating an app takes work, but the work isn't over once the app is done. That's actually when the biggest effort starts, because the app has to be marketed and distributed in order to compete against a saturated app market. Do it right, and you'll see some real results. Do it wrong, and you're liable to not see anything at all. Here are the five best app strategies for marketing and distribution, so you can have the highest chance of seeing great returns from all your efforts.

1). Find (and Stay In) Your Niche

You need a niche, so you can locate your target market. If you offer something unique that similar apps don't have, or you find an underserved market that doesn't have much app representation, you can really catch people's attention. Anyone who needs an app is looking for something that is a good price and that will do everything they need it to do. Building a niche can put you at the head of the market, and position you to handle any competitors that come your way later.

2). Consider Exclusivity

Exclusivity and invitations can generate a lot of buzz around your new app and really get people wanting to buy and use it. You want to make sure people understand that your app is unique and it has value. If you make it exclusive, you'll get people talking, and that word of mouth will create a demand from more people to get your app. Other people will do a lot of your marketing for you.

3). Release Features and Updates Early and Often

Get your core features created and get them released to the people who are testing and beginning to use your app. Those early adopters can give you a lot of feedback as to what's working for them and what isn't. Then you can be sure you're creating something that people really want to use, and that they like and will enjoy. As you add features and make changes, keep releasing them. You don't need to wait until everything is done before releasing your app. Just finish the main features, put it out there, and then start working on all the "coming soon" options. Release them individually as they're completed, to keep people interested and show that you're giving them more and more options over time.

4). Build in Social Sharing

Social sharing and the brag factor that comes with it is very important to an app. Make sure you've built in a social feature, whether its a game, an exercise app, or something else. That way, your users can talk to others about what they're doing and share their accomplishments. That gives them additional value and helps them feel better about your app, so they'll tell their friends and get them interested in getting your app, too.

5). Optimize Your App for the App Store

If your app doesn't have the right title keywords, it's not going to get found by people searching the app store. Choose your keywords carefully, just like you would for your website, so potential users can find you. Don't just focus on the title, either. You also want to put the right keywords in your description, so you can collect the maximum number of searchers who will find your app.

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