Use Your Smartphone As Extra Monitor

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As the title suggests this tutorial is about using your android/apple smartphone/tablet as extended monitor .For making it happen we are going to use app called idisplay.

share your computer/laptop screen with your mobile phone and you will have some space for your extra work.

So what Exactly idisplay does?

Gives you more screen space for everything.
Zoom and Pan your desktop right on secondary display
Easily switch between portrait and landscape screen orientations
Move selected apps from list of your favorite apps to iDisplay with one click 

It supports both apple/android (phone/pc).

Steps -

1. Download and install Idisplay on your smartphone

you have to pay for new version which you can download it here.But If I am also posting link for older version of this app which is freely available. 

Download new version.(click here)
Download free version .(click here for android only)

Download the server from here.

2.Install the apk in your phone and server on your pc.

after installing the server you will be able to see it running in the task bar at right corner 
Idisplay server running

you can select share main screen or additional screen mode

3.You can connect your phone with wireless connection (only for devices which has wifi adapters) or you can simply connect with your usb cable.

4.Open your app and you'll be able to see something like this if your phone/tablet is connected with wifi (or usb option).

select your pc (via usb or wirelessly)

5.After selecting you will see the screen is shared and you can do stuff like zoom in out to view screen in detail make changes and other cool things.

Idisplay detected

(rotate your device it will auto-detect the orientation)

Idisplay options
(option menu)

view other options in app to where you can assign your pc/laptop Ip address to the app .

Hope this works for you and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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