Convert Horde Emails to Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, PDF and Outlook

In the era of emails there are options. If you are new to computers you will not be able to understand many differences in exactly how things are done which can be said about email as well. In the tech world there are two types of email:
  • Webmail
  • Email Clients

Webmail Information
Webmail is a server that you log into over the internet. Webmail left the emails on your provider’s server and that is where they remain unless you delete them. The biggest examples of Webmail services Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. You can easily login into their site, access your email and send new messages. This is convenient only for those who need to constantly move because email can be accessed from any internet connection. But if we talk about home user, then maybe this will not be the best option.

Email Client Information
Email client is software installed on your computer which is used to access the email server your service uses. The email client downloads your emails onto your computer in the similar way you download any other file from the internet. Some email clients are already installed in the OS and some email clients we need to install. Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, are some of the email clients that are installed on your computer. Mostly used in business than personal computing due to security and archiving emails.

Users Problem
Some users are looking to switch from Webmail to Email client due to storage space and some security issues. Webmail servers keep your email saved on your email provider’s servers and moreover, the inbox size is limited to however much storage space your provider gives you. And in case of client based emails, users can easily save mails in their own storage. This can be a factor for users who wants to send large emails which may need to weigh up the cost of paying their mail provider for additional space against buying their own storage.

It became difficult for users who are working on Windows Live Mail and someone has send them horde files, then in this situation users look for a solution about how one can convert horde mail to Outlook without facing any difficulty.

Transfer Horde Emails to Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook and Adobe
Now technology became so advanced that every now and then new products are coming up with their new ideas. Horde Email Converter, a newly launched tool, especially designed for users who need to convert Horde mail to WindowsLive Mail, Apple Mail, Adobe PDF and MS Outlook PST format with exact formatting and metadata properties. With Horde Email Converter one can convert single message as well as multiple messages at one time without any data loss. This utility contains advanced search option with the help of which user can find their desired mail. And the most amazing thing is that it maintains the folder structure and can run on all Windows version including Windows 10.

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