Easy Way to Export eM Client Emails to Outlook with Attachments

eM Client is a windows based email application for receiving, sending emails and messaging, managing task, contacts, managing calendar. But you can’t use it for business purpose, eM Client is a nice email client but not for a business purpose, you can use eM Client for home purpose. And almost users used to use MS Outlook as their default emails client because MS Outlook offers so many features which completely suitable for business purpose.

If you are one of them who wants to access their eM Client emails into Outlook, then first understand that eM Client save its emails in .eml format and Outlook save its emails in .PST format, so you have to convert your eM Client emails into PST format and to do that you have to Export eM Client emails into your local drive –

  • Open eM Client application
  • File option >> Export option
  • Now Choose the action of “Export to .eml files” >> Next
  • Next, select the folder to export data to .eml file format
  • Choose the destination to save the eM Client export files

After exporting eM Client emails into your local drive you will get all the emails backup of eM Client. And to import eM Client emails backup into MS Outlook, you have to convert all the exported mailboxes of eM Client into PST format, and to do that I am recommend to use Third Party “eM Client to Outlook Converter” Tool that would enable users to convert multiple eM Client emails to PST format. Question is why I am recommending this tool, because I have used this software and it really works. It help me to resolve the same issue.

“eM Client Converter software is just a recommendation so that you can easily convert your eM Client emails into PST format with complete data and details.”

It has two modes for conversion –

  • One – Single Folder conversion mode, in this option users can convert only one folder having multiple eM Client Mails and sub-folders. In this option software will creates only one PST file for all emails and sub-folders.
  • Second – Multiple Folders Conversion option, in this option users can select multiple eM Client Mailboxes folders at a time. In this option software will creates individual PST file for individual Folder, for example if you have 20 eM Client mailboxes for conversion then software will creates 20 PST files for 20 folders.

Software will Keep save emails attributes while the conversion process, maintain emails header formatting (from, Bcc, to, Cc, subject, time, date, etc), RTF (images, line, table, color, font, text, etc) and other formatting. If emails having attachments then software will convert all the attached file / folders and directories along with its related mails, software will keeps emails attachments into their original formats, no alteration in attachments formatting and any other emails formatting. You can run this program into any Windows OS version including Windows 10 and all other Windows OS versions. Software will create UNICODE PST file which easily support with Outlook 2003 and all above version including MS Outlook 2016.

If you want to understand software then download its demo version and convert multiple eM Client profiles emails to PST format but demo version put DEMO word watermark to all over the emails body.

After completing the eM Client to PST migration, you can import the converted PST files into Microsoft Exchange server using the cmd promptand: New-MailboxImportRequest –Mailbox Johan –FilePath \ mymachine \ PST-Files \ Johan.pst (Using this command you can easily import multiple mailboxes from eM Client to Exchange Server.)

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  1. Thank you for the fantastic information. I must try your solution now, as i am a eM Client user and planning to shift all my mails to new Outlook 2016.


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