Use Your Smartphone as Surveillance Camera

Ip webcam iconDo you want to spy on someone or don't trust your friends ,or for prank you can use this App.

IP Webcam connect your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options. You can View your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. Stream video inside WiFi network without internet access(only within wifi area).
Optional Ivideon cloud broadcasting is supported for instant global access.

Use IP Webcam with third-party MJPG software, including video surveillance software, security monitors.

OK let's try this app .

Steps -

(this will work fast within home network)

1. Install this app from the playstore or Here.

2.After installing the app you should see these settings menu.

Ip webcam SettingsIp webcam Settings

 3.You can enable/disable options like audio ,stream device on boot etc.

4.If you want to view your surveillance camera outside your network or globally you have to enable ivideon in Global broadcasting option

Note - You will need to create account on Ivideon.
5.Now select start server.

Ip webcam Server started

in above screenshot I am holding my phone facing my laptop (you can place it at corner or anywhere you want)

6.At the bottom you can see ip address ,as I have enabled ivideon streaming so you can see the ivideon link also in my screenshot.

7.Note that ip address and enter it in your phone browser or pc browser.(or any video players that supports streaming like vlc) 

8.You'll see something like this .You can store the footage or take photos(More information here)

Ip webcam pc settings

9.I have selected javascript for viewing the live footage 

Ip webcam pc settings

10.If you want to access your surveillance camera outside your home network or globally .You have to create account at and enable it from the ip webcam settings ,after doing that login to your account and you will be able to see something like this.

Ip webcam ivideon footage

OKay you have successfully completed the process .Enjoy & make sure you leave some credit in comment section below :D .

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