WhatsApp went down briefly on Thursday

WhatsApp went down briefly on Thursday, preventing some users from sending and receiving messages on New Year's Eve.
According to DownDetector, a website that keeps track of service interruptions and outages, the WhatsApp outage is primarily isolated to the UK and Germany. The U.S. appears to be largely unaffected.
The Facebook-owned messaging app has a user base of more than 900 million and works cross-platform with iOS and Android devices, making it a more practical alternative to iOS's iMessage. With more than 10 billion messages sent every day, it's no wonder the people across the globe freaked out when the service went down.
According to the THEGOODNATION "WHATSAPP BRIEF OUTAGE" is big break down on New Year evening,
Many users took to the micro-blogging service, Twitter to complaint that WhatsApp is down, whereas other reported connectivity issues. The voice message calling service seemed to be having issues sending and receiving messages on both the iOS and Android platforms. Noted that they wern’t being able to make calls via WhatsApp either. Thought it could just be a massive spike in traffic on New Year’s Eve, traditionally a day of record traffic for the app. The WhatsApp Status Twitter handle has so far been silent on the downtime.
The messaging app reportedly started facing problems in some parts of Europe after 4:30 pm. There was no update about the outage on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the company but the spokesperson confirmed that issues have been resolved in some areas and they are working to sort out that.

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