How to Edit a PDF File Without Converting It

Since its birth in 1993, the PDF gained huge popularity due to its instant advantages over other viewing formats. That popularity happened due to its three biggest features:

1)    It is portable, meaning it can be opened on any operating system or device. You can custom create layout and style that you desire, knowing the document will appear the same way, regardless of the software or the device you use.

2)    It is easy to create. You can create a PDF from almost any file type in just a click or two, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. Textual files, spreadsheets, presentations, scanned documents and images — they can all be converted to PDF.

3)    The third thing is its security. PDF is one of the most secure file formats available, as the majority of PDF creation software can quickly add password protection to your files. This is an important feature, because security is a much-needed requirement in the gentle digital age where many authors want their files to be safe and accessible only by authorized viewers. 

However, as most of you know, PDF is not an editable format — it cannot be modified, changed or manipulated easily. You see, there is a downside to all good things in life.

That means, that when we want to make some small edits to PDF documents we would usually have to through a lengthy process of exporting PDF to other file formats, which is costly and time intensive. But, is this the only way?

Thankfully, there is an easier way to edit PDF documents and that is by using a third party software. That is why Investintech, one of the oldest companies in the PDF market, developed Able2Extract, a powerful PDF Editor tool that makes all PDF modifications immediately visible.

With its integrated WYSIWYG content editor, you can add and remove both text and numbers on the spot, without converting between file formats. The software will also recognize your document font and assign the same settings to your new text block.

You can check the quick tutorial on how to edit any PDF in just 3 steps:

First step
Open your PDF in Able2Extract

Second step
Click on the “Edit” icon in the top toolbar. This opens the editing panel, which can be seen on the right.

Third step
Use the editing panel to perform edits, add or delete text, rotate, merge and resize pages

Besides editing, Able2Extract also has a PDF conversion feature, that supports conversion up to 12 editable formats including:

  •  PDF to Word
  •   PDF to Excel (Custom and Automatic)
  •  PDF to Image
  •      PDF to OpenOffice
  •      PDF to PowerPoint
  •           PDF to AutoCAD and more

There are several other features worth mentioning, but we’ll let you discover those yourself. For the time being, it’s important that you know how to easily edit PDF files, and use that knowledge to literally save hours per single document.

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