How to Move from Zimbra to Office 365 or Outlook Perfectly

Zimbra Desktop & ZCS is being used by thousands of users. But due the low connectivity of Zimbra Desktop with Zimbra Collaboration Server, several business users have the requirement to move from Zimbra to Office 365, which is another good app for business users for handling data and other information. So, if users have requirement for Zimbra to Office 365 Migration then they may face difficulty because Zimbra doesn’t support any such function which helps to directly migrate emails, contacts, address book, tasks, briefcase, etc. from Zimbra to Office 365.

So let’s have some conversation for Zimbra, Office 365 and its migration solution so as to help users resolve queries regarding “How to Convert Zimbra to Office 365”.

Some tips about Zimbra Desktop & Office 365

Zimbra Desktop is cross platform email app which can be easily connected by ZCS (Zimbra Collaboration Server).It is part of ZCS for sharing and managing data or information. So we can easily affirm that Zimbra is inclusive package for email services. It is supported by several Operating Systems – Windows, Mac and Linux. For saving data- Address Book, mails, tasks, notes, calendar, briefcase, etc., it supports TGZ archived files. So if users would like to move Zimbra files into Office 365 then first of all, users have to extract Zimbra data to TGZ files format.

Office 365 consign to subscription offers that include access to MS Office Apps plus other productivity services which are enabled over the internet (cloud services), such as Lync web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted mail for professionals and additional online storage with One Drive & Skype world minutes for home. It offers smart interface for the users to handle their tasks, contacts, mails, notes, etc by saving entire data on cloud. It is advance in integration with number of other office apps such as – Bing, MSN, Sway, Powerpoint, Word, Skype, OneNotes, Excel, Word, Flow, OneDrive, etc. All we can say is that Office 365 is good in comparison to the Zimbra.

How to Move from Zimbra to Office 365 Perfectly

To successfully move from Zimbra to Office 365, first of all users have to export all Zimbra data in TGZ file format then they can easily convert Zimbra TGZ files to Office 365. Follow the given method to export TGZ files from Zimbra –
  • Open Zimbra and select preference Tab

  • Now choose Import/Export Option to proceed next
  • Click on Advance Settings and tick on all items of data or which you want to export in TGZ file. After that Click on Export button.
  • Then Click on save option to save data in TGZ files format.

  • After that choose saving location to save data at your preferred location.
Navigate to the exported TGZ mailboxes data (mails, tasks, notes, address book, briefcase, contacts, etc.). Now you are ready to move from Zimbra to Office 365.

Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Quickly

To completely move from Zimbra to Office 365, Zimbra Converter is a helpful solution which enables to move unlimited TGZ files of various sizes from Zimbra to Office 365. The migration program is simple to handle for professional or non-technical users so anyone can easily operate it. It provides multiple advance functions to move TGZ files from Zimbra to Office 365. Follow the given simple steps to move from Zimbra TGZ to Office 365 –

  • Now Click on Add Files & Add Folder button to select exported TGZ files of Zimbra.

  • Then watch a preview for checking all selected files.

  • Now Click on Export button then Choose PST option in newly opened Window. Select saving path to save converted files and click on Convert Button.

The Zimbra Mail Migration Tool will complete the migration process within few minutes and convert all TGZ files from Zimbra to PST and then you will achieve converted PST files at your desired location. Now you have to import entire converted files into office 365. So follow given procedure to import PST files to Office 365.
  • Open or reopen Outlook in your machine and connect Office 365 account in it.
  • Now go to File menu >> Import/ Export >> Import from another program or file >> Outlook data files (.pst)
  • Browse all converted PST files in Office 365 or Outlook Account.
  • From the list of available options, select your priorities according to your desires.
  • Your entire Zimbra Desktop data is now easily accessed in account.

Finally you will access entire Zimbra TGZ files to Office 365 or Outlook account. Still you have any doubt or confusion, then you can check out the efficiency of the Zimbra migration tool that allow moving first 20 items from each TGZ file to Office 365 without any cost, absolutely free.

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