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Users can secure PDF files as PDF files contain their confidential information. So, it is necessary to secure them so that no one can edit, print, and copy the content of these files. No doubt there are multiple solutions to protect PDF files but all are not safe. Users can’t trust any of the solutions blindly. Therefore, we have come up with a solution in this post that will help you to protect PDF documents instantly without any harm to the file.


PDF is the most commonly used file type and people use various types of data such as business files, personal files, etc. to save in PDF format.

The user can set a password manually on their personal files and can remove them if they knew the password.

PDF Protector Tool is a fabulous software that allows restriction on irrelevant editing, copying, and printing of PDF files. This will keep your PDF files secure. The software restricts easy sharing and removing of PDF files. The software can be easily installed on any Windows versions.

Quality features of the software

The tool possesses several features that are helpful for users to secure PDF file –
  • Easy security to PDF file
  • Restrict to print, edit and copy of PDF files
  • Easy to understand wizard
  •  Free trial of PDF Protector
  • Easily workable on all Windows versions
  • No need for technical expertise to handle the utility
  • Allow users to reset PDF password
  • User-defined output destination path
  • No need to install PDF Reader or any extra application
  • No limit on PDF file size and number of PDF documents
Versions available with the application

Free version – The software is free to use with its demo version. You can use only 10 PDF files using the demo version.

License version – This version is not freely available. You need to purchase this. This will help you to access all the functions which are not available in the free version.

Advantages of using the PDF Protection Tool

The tool is really helpful for users by which several restrictions can be set on PDF documents like print, edit, copy, add annotations, and many more.

In this way, users can secure their PDF documents and assure that no one can open these files. Users can simply set a password on PDF documents.
Working with PDF Protector Tool

The software has only 3 steps to provide security to PDF files. Here we are providing you step by step detail of PDF Protector Tool.

Step1. Easy adding of PDF file

You can easily load PDF file to the wizard with the help of the Browse button provided there. You can load each PDF at a time for a safe and smooth process. Once you click the browse button, it will take you to your system to search PDF file manually. 

Step 2. Enter password

Once the PDF file is added, click on ‘secure PDF now’, the next window appears to protect PDF files. You are free to set a password to PDF files to restrict users to print PDF, restrict copying, add annotations, editing of PDF file.

Step 3. Perfect location selection

Now you are a single step away from the whole process. The application wants to specify a path to save your Output files. The entire path of the files is shown here. This will help in easy viewing of PDF files.

Generate PDF

Once you move the cursor to ‘Generate PDF’, it will start the process to secure PDF files. After a few minutes wait, you will find that the PDF file can be secured with a password. 

End up

PDF Protector is one of the best tools to make PDF files safe and secure so that no third user can steal your database or make any changes in the file. This will ensure proper protection of PDF files, no matter where they reside. If you pick manual solutions for PDF Protection, there is no assurance of safety plus the manual methods could be too lengthy and complicated. But in case of the software solution, there is full surety of data safety plus the password can be easily set in a few minutes with this application. Users can fully examine the utility with the trial edition before applying for the license edition. The software is well-tested on several samples by the experts and after that, it gets introduced among users. 100% data safety is assured by the application. In case of any questions, users can call, email, or chat with our customer handling team. The team is available 24 hours round the clock. 

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