How to Install, Configure & Host Tally ERP 9 Software on Cloud ?

configure tally on cloud

Description: This article will give you a quick idea about how to configure Tally on the cloud. You can easily host & run Tally Software online by following the steps provided in the body of the content. 

Summary: Get Best Tally on Cloud Solution to Host & Run Tally Accounting Software on Cloud. This Tally Software on Cloud will enable the organizations to manage their ERP resources on Cloud. It is one of the best services available for the enterprise in this dark period of Covid-19, where most of the companies have to do their Work from Home. We all know that Tally software can only be used by installing on a Windows PC. But, with the help of our amazing Tally Online service, any user can easily Remote Access Tally Accounting Software from any location at any time on any device including Windows, Mac, iOS, Laptop, Mobiles, PCs, etc.

How Tally Software on Cloud Can Boost Work Productivity?

There is no doubt Tally is one of the most in-demand Accounting Software. Tally can be used to manage all the accounting resources in a quick & simplified manner. Tally software can only be installed on-Premise Systems or in Desktop. There are a large number of users who want to use Tally Accounting Software on Cloud. They regularly asked about it on various forums & platforms like some of them are listed.

“I have 5 Offices at different Metro cities & wants to manage all of my data on a single platform. But the main problem that arises against me is that Tally software can be installed & access on a single PC. I want to centralize all of my data on a single Server or docker so that it becomes very much easier for me to access & manage my data. Thanks in Advance for the assistance you provide?”

-         Raghav Sachar, New Delhi

“We are an IT firm, but due to Coronavirus Pandemic, most of our employees are doing work from home including the Accounts department. Our Accounting team is using Tally software & hence the efficiency of the whole has decreased rapidly due to lack of Tally system connectivity. The only probable solution that comes into my mind is to host & run Tally software on Cloud. Kindly suggest me any best Tally Online Service Provider in India.”

-         Sudhanshu Shripad, Bengaluru

As from above, we can easily understand that the demand for Tally Online service has risen sharply in recent days. But the main issue that comes here is which Tally on Cloud Solution is best, as there are several service providers in India.

How to Host Tally Software Online Step-by-step?

You can implement & host Tally ERP 9 software on cloud just by following these steps:

  1. Visit Tally Software Online official webpage & know its features.

  2. You can test the live demo version of Tally software directly from there.

  3. Enter your requirements in Query form or call number (+91-9887280808).

  4. Now rent your space on the tier-IV server according to your requirement.

  5. Once the payment process finished successfully, an email will be sent to your email id. You can use these credentials to log in to the Tally server via Remote Desktop or Browser.

  6. Open Your Browser & access the Tally Server URL. NFCApps Login portal will open.

  7. Provide Tally Server Username & Password to log in.

  8. You will get the Tally Server window open in your Browser. Run & access Tally software instantly using your browser on any device like Mobiles, Laptops, PC, etc.

Best Solution to Host Tally on Cloud:

NetForChoice Tally on Cloud is a well-known name in the field of Tally Online Service. It offers its users unlimited advantages including the accessibility of Tally Software from all devices. Protect your important data with Tally accounting software on Cloud at a centralized Server location. Your data will be stored on a Tier-IV Data Center, which is the largest in Asia. There are a large number of advantages that come along with this Tally on Cloud service. Some of the highlighted features are listed below:

  • Access to Your Tally Data from Anywhere: One can easily access his entire data stored on the Server using a Web Portal. This Tally Online Service is completely free from all Geolocation independent & hence one can Remote access its data from anywhere over the globe.

  • Speed & Reliability: Accessing Tally Software on the cloud is very quicker & faster. The Tally on Cloud Service is very lightweight & hence can be used on low Internet bandwidth. It is one of the most reliable Tally Online Service at present without creating any issue in the user's original information.

  • Cost-Effective Service: With this Tally Software on Cloud service, Startups can save a large chunk of money. It is because this service provides the storage & only cost you for how much storage you are occupying. It strictly follows the Pay-as-you-Go model, which means users only needed to pay for the services they are using. No Extra Cost for Managing Hardware or Server Resources.

  • Backup Recovery as a Service Included: Any user must not be worried about his data as the software comes up with a disaster backup solution. It means your data is collocated at different Servers for Backup purposes in case of any disaster.

  • Highly Secured & Data Flow Encryption: The prime issue for any administrator is the security of its data. With NetForChoice Tally on Cloud Service, all of your data is saved in an encrypted format. It comes up with Level-8 Security to safeguard your information.


There is no doubt a large number of users want to use Tally Software from Remote Location. Try the best Tally Online Service by NetForChoice that offers its users unlimited advantages. It enables the users to remotely access Tally Accounting Software on Cloud. You can take the free trial of this service & once satisfied can finalize a deal while contacting us.

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