4 Types of Hybrid Email Hosting Solution & Know Where to Seal to Deal

 Hybrid Email Hosting mainly refers to the combination of two or more Email service providers for a single mailbox. It will benefit the users in getting the features of both Mail Server Agents. Some of the widely used & most popular Hybrid Email Hosting solutions are Zimbra-G Suite Hybrid, Exchange-Zimbra Hybrid, Zimbra-Office 365 Hybrid, Exchange-Rackspace Hybrid, Exchange-Kerio Hybrid solution, etc. These all are just a very few examples of a Hybrid Email Hosting Solution. We will know about them in detail in the next section. 

Zimbra – G Suite Hybrid Email Hosting Solution:

All companies need e-mail servers to optimize electronic communication. A properly selected and powerful mail server can work wonders for e-mail and transactions. Most organizations understand that the solution is only available to technically-savvy users, and regular users use only basic messaging capabilities. The business has shrunk significantly, and as a result, most companies have begun switching their regular users to low-cost e-mail solutions.

Zimbra Email: G Suite's hybrid configuration offers the best of both worlds, choosing Cloud Zimbra for regular users and G Suite for executives, sharing the same domain, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

The real solution to this hybrid solution is that if you already use G Suite on your main machine, but want to migrate regular users to other messaging solutions, you can leave the main computer and G Suite on another computer. A number of shared users. and Cloud Zimbra. Thanks to the NetForChoice Zimbra-G Suite hybrid solution, you optimize costs without losing productivity outside the basic set.

One such powerful Zimbra – G Suite Hybrid Email Hosting Solution is provided by NetForChoice. It will benefit the users in many ways. It comes up with an inbuilt Anti-spam filter to safeguard your mailboxes from any external threats. It will reduce the overall licensing loss as you should not need to purchase a license for both the email services. 

Zimbra-Exchange / Office 365 Hybrid Email Hosting Solution:

Office 365 Business Essential is designed for advanced management users because it has a large inbox full of messages, Office Online, Skype, and One-Drive. The Amber Cloud has all the features you'll find in a standalone version, with the added benefit of allowing you to choose the size of your mailbox.

Zimbra Cloud mailboxes for regular employees have the added benefit of allowing employees to customize the size of the mailbox to suit their needs, starting at 2 GB per user mailbox.

Exchange-Rackspace Hybrid Email Hosting:

With a combination of Hosted Exchange and Rackspace Email, your business can meet all user needs and budget requirements. For example, a company with 50 users could save 40% by moving half of its users to a mailbox rather than simply exchanging hosts.

Provides assistance to email administrators. Our 24/7 mail experts can contact you by phone, live chat, or ticket and ask for help with your Exchange and Rackspace Email accounts and inboxes. Everything is included in the price at an additional cost. In addition, you will always benefit from our best service level agreements and a 100% availability guarantee.

Our hybrid solution creates a transparent environment for email managers. A simple control panel lets you add, delete, and edit mailboxes, create aliases, configure email addresses, and more for Exchange and Rackspace email users. One-stop access to manage everything.

Exchange-Kerio Hybrid Solution:

Kerio Connect is an award-winning, innovative Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses and organizations that prefer easy access to IT. Kerio Connect Mail Server provides corporate email, instant messaging, shared calendars, and contact management for other email clients, instant messaging clients, web browsers, and mobile devices. Kerio Connect offers everything you need to protect your messages in one affordable package, including antivirus, antispam, automatic backups, and a powerful web-based management interface.

Kerio Connect can offer this alternative. Kerio Connect allows you to synchronize email between different operating systems. End-users can exchange emails, calendars, and contact articles. Smartphone and iPad users can sync wirelessly. Kerio Connect makes it easy to set up resource calendars for scheduling, cataloging, and group coordination. Businesses can operate more efficiently and effectively, which means "more for your money."

Final Words:

You can find out what a hybrid email hosting account is in the previous article. A hybrid email hosting configuration is a combination of specific Microsoft Exchange accounts configured for specific users and the rest of the end-user configuration to access IMAP or POP3 accounts. The benefits of using an email hosting service are provided without the hardware, software, and maintenance costs of installing and maintaining a local email server.

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