How to Transfer Gmail MBOX to Office 365 Manually or Alternatively


Do you have a Gmail account and need to transfer Gmail data to Office 365? Then you are at the right platform. This blog is created to solve how to transfer Gmail MBOX to Office365 manually & alternatively. So stay this blog till the end and get a complete opportunity to transfer data from Gmail to Office 365.

Gmail is the free Google mail service. Users can use Gmail directly on the web and synchronize it on multiple third-party apps. Its data can be synchronized by POP & IMAP protocols. Today, everyone will have a Gmail account. It offers you a gigabyte of storage to save data and also provides the capability to find specific mails. It also automatically composes successively related emails in a conversational thread. It is connected by Google Takeout and using it, users can also save their data in MBOX file format. Therefore, if users would like to convert Gmail data, they have to Convert Gmail data in MBOX then they can transfer Gmail MBOX files to Office 365 account.

How to Transfer Gmail MBOX to Office 365 Manually

Gmail data can be exported in MBOX file format. But Office 365 doesn't have export or import option to get data Gmail or MBOX. So, the direct migration method is not probable. But a manual trick can do this method which is divided into multiple parts –

  1.         Export Gmail data in MBOX by Google Takeout Web app of Google.
  2.         Save MBOX data in Thunderbird.
  3.         Export saved data in EML from Thunderbird.
  4.         Save exported EML files in Windows Live Mail.
  5.         Transfer Windows Live Mail exported data in Outlook.
  6.         Export PST from Outlook.
  7.         Import PST in Office 365

1# Export Gmail data in MBOX file Format

        Login to Google Takeout without Gmail ID.

        Then go with “Select Mail to include” for backup by Google Takeout. Select mail category to sure that entire Gmail mails will be saved successfully.

        Now choose archive type as .zip format and click on the ‘Create Archive' button.

Note - After generating archive files in zip format, you will get a mail on your Gmail account and it may take lots of time, it depends on your data size.

After getting Gmail data as MBOX, you have to follow rest of the parts, provided in this blogs -

Limitations of Manual Method

        It is very lengthy method.

        It requires technical knowledge. Without technical skills, users cannot do it.

        Any wrong step can lose your data.

        Sometimes, it fails and doesn’t provide an exact result.

        Takes lots of time, if users need an urgent solution then it is not better for them.

        It may successful for a few emails migration of Gmail to Office 365.

Automated Solution – Transfer Gmail Data to Office 365

If you don’t want to go with the manual trick and also don't have much time to invest, then you can go with the Gmail MBOX migration to O365 tool for direct data migration from Gmail to O365. It enables to perfectly transfer exported MBOX files of Gmail to Office 365 directly at no data loss. It provides a complete data migration outcome. It also supports the ‘I am admin’ option to save multiple MBOX files into other user accounts of the Office 365 admin account. It is a perfect solution to transfer Gmail MBOX to Office 365 with attachments, formatting, images, metadata, etc. It supports to transfer all MBOX files of Gmail into OWA at once and save your lots of time from a manual process, single processing, etc.

If you are in the confusion then download it and transfer 25 emails from each selected MBOX file into Office 365 absolutely free of cost. Using it, you can understand the complete working processing of the app and get complete satisfaction for Gmail to O365.

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