How to Open EML Files in Outlook 365 Manually

 Are you looking for a solution to get an answer for how to open EML files in Outlook 365? Then you are at right platform, this article helps you to overcome from the migration issue of EML files to Office 365. Yes, in this write up, you can get the manual trick to open EML files to O365 but the manual trick is not safe, simple & powerful solution so we will also explain an alternative solution.

How to Open EML Files in Outlook 365 Manually

EML is the single mail extension and supported by lots of mail clients – Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, eM Client & DreamMail. There are lots of users who are using EML file supported mail clients and have the requirement to open EML files into Office 365 due to their workplace demand and business need. But the main concern is that how to open EML files in Office 365 cloud account, because Office 365 has no direct migration option to get EML files. At this time a manual trick can fulfill this requirement of users. If you are also in need then follow the given parts –

Part 1. Import EML Files in Windows Live Mail

·         * Install Windows Live Mail in your system and launch it on your desktop screen.

·         * Create a new folder in Windows Live Mail.

·         * Select your EML files and drag them & drop on Window Live Mail newly created folder.

·          * Check all EML files in Windows Live Mail.

Part 2. Export Windows Live Mail Emails into Outlook

·          * Install Microsoft Outlook in same machine where you are using Windows Live Mail.

·          * Re-open Windows Live Mail and go to File Menu.

·          * Choose Export & Export Messages from File Menu.

·          * Select mailboxes that need to convert in Outlook. You can also choose all folders.

·         * Click on OK button. Processing will start and complete within few minutes.

Part 3. Export PST from Outlook

·          * Open Outlook and check exported data from Windows Live Mail.

·          * Go to File Menu.

·          * Choose Export option and ImportExport function.

·          * Select export to a File.

·          * Choose Export Outlook data file (.pst) and select location.

Part 4. Import PST in Office 365

After getting PST files into Office 365, you can use shipping drive method which can get PST files into Office 365. So follow the below link that can explain the perfect method to transfer PST file in Office 365.

Note – The manual method is very lengthy so it takes lots of time to proceed for migration. It is not simple so the non-technical users cannot follow it. Sometimes, it fails due to a technical issue. Any missed step can lose your data details. These are limitations of the above-mentioned manual method so before following it, think about all these problems and then follow it.

How to Open EML files in Outlook 365 with Automated Solution

If you don’t want to go with the above-mentioned explained manual method then you can go with PCVARE EML Converter that is an amazing solution to export multiple EML files to Office 365 directly. It can open EML files of any supported mail clients – Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client, DreamMail, etc. into Office 365. It is a simple, safe & perfect solution to provide exact outcome. It can open EML files to another user account of Office 365 admin account. It provides free demo edition to open 25 EML files to Office 365 at free of cost.

Therefore, you can check out its working efficiency and understand complete processing. Now you are capable to solve how to open EML files in Outlook 365.

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