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  1. hi i ve Samsung galaxy ace 2.3.4 rooted,bored by its look want to change it to xperia Rom.Frankly tell me it's disadvantages.Is it safe

  2. How to install android 2.3 (gingerbread) os to a new tablet?

    from where we can download the os .please give me the link and please tell me the steps to install it.mine is a china tablet and its home screen is not coming. any other way to fix it....please help mee

    1. Give me u r tablets model no.

    2. How can i upgrade my samsung s3 to jelly bean 4.1.2 can u pls help me, bcoz ther is no availble in oman..

  3. hey......this RAR file is asking for password...........plz tell me the password

  4. hey plzz help i follwed the procedure of clockworkmod ALONG WITH CYANOGEN MOD 7.2 . it reeboots as soon as the main screen appears everytime i install it. I installed with the same procedure on other galaxy mini and it worked., THen why my galaxy mini is reebooting plzz help!

  5. Can I Know the Screen recorder Software , which you used for this video

  6. i have a problem , i have just 2 files on pack...and i don't know what to do...

  7. I find TIZEN OS complicated, but it is bug free. Thanks for information.
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