Simply Superb Swipe Konnect ME 8GB Smart Phone

All-new Swipe Konnect Me smartphone encapsulated with all the latest features and an extremely stylish design and outstanding performance takes your multimedia experience a notch higher. The image and video quality is fine on the bright IPS display. The Swipe smart phone equipped with latest processor and a highly advanced operating system enables for a smooth operations on multitasking. Go social round the clock as you play games online, take colorful pictures, go browsing with extraordinary speed etc. Additionally make the difference from your personal and work life with the dual SIM support with 3G feature. Added to this is the battery performance that makes it extremely reliable and user-friendly. Get this smart Swipe at only Rs. 3999 an unimaginable price with all good amenities.

Super Tech: This Super Tech feature helps you send any kind of file to anybody in seconds irrespective of the platform which enables cross platform transfer, and data sharing between Android phones.
Super Social: The pre-loaded GPS-enabled Super Social feature tracks the whereabouts of anyone by receiving real-time updates of their locations, with custom notification as well. Now encircle and keep an eye of all your dear ones by virtually giving safety and security. This feature also serves as an e-map to give directions to your favorite destinations.
Super Secure: Protect your phone from stealthy phone surfers by pre-loading the feature which allows a dynamic time-based password for screen lock that changes every minute, with diversified password customization.
Exceptional Battery Life: The Super Tech feature of Konnect me enables enhanced memory by customizing cleaning of cookies and caches automatically that increases the stand-by 2450mAh battery life by 45 days 
Memory: The 8 GB memory and 1GB RAM offers lots of storage space and amazing computing experience. The memory is expandable to 32GB. The 1.3GHz dual core processor enhances the efficiency and browsing speed of this super phone. 
Camera and OS: Use multiple Apps without any qualms as the performance of the operating system is on a faster pace with Android 4.4.2 operating system. The 5 MP rear cameras with flash and the 1.3 MP front cameras will take care of all your selfie and picture-clicking needs.
Dream-like display: The 11.43cms (4.5”) display is unbelievably unique with exceptional clarity in a compact and slick design. Feel the difference as you watch movies or play games on this fanciful screen.
Dual Sim for dual usage:  The 3G compatible phone with dual SIM facility enables you to balance your personal as well as work related issues perfectly.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The wait is over

For the year 2015, firstly Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were the most awaiting and now other two phones are about to rise in the market. Yes we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. And both phones would be best phablet launched till date.

Also, as you must be aware that Samsung is continuously bringing the changes to its Galaxy Note and S line up, for example the Galaxy S6 completely changes the way Samsung was following in design and materials, especially with the amazing version Edge, a smartphone with curved display by side, the first thing we see with these characteristics. We are facing a smartphone on the outside mainly composed of three parts, the front panel and the rear, both covered with Gorilla Glass 4, and a metal side frame. The front is in the most amazing, with the curvature on both sides that give a different look as innovative and Edge. Besides, here we find the classic home button Samsung, two capacitive buttons for multitasking and behind the camera and proximity sensors and light. Same configuration with bigger size would be the part of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

As appeared in the Galaxy S6, the rear we have 16 MP Camera, flash and the heart rate monitor. The back has been treated with a material that reflects light and creates very attractive colored effects, giving a further premium to the device. In early versions we could see this layer was exaggerated, creating reflection effects and changes color depending on the light, but that together they had not received final oleophobic layer made much stains and fingers. The final version is not as striking, but is much less suffering and better conceal all those spots that were so annoying. The appeal of the rear is especially the color change that makes going from black to blue as light and from where we look, or dark green to turquoise green pattern, for example. It is these details that make so beautiful the Samsung Galaxy S6. And hence Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would be beautiful as well, but Samsung should work on the design such that there won’t be any marks of fingerprints.

It is in this back where we find one of the few design problems in Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera stands, and although it is inevitable due to the thickness of the smartphone is slightly annoying. Samsung has solved quite well making the frame out slightly, so that the terminal support never touches the lens. Yet it is more likely that this is scratched. Also it ends up being a problem to have a phone with all the rear glass, which is that this finish has a habit of skating on any surface. We have not had as many problems as with the Nexus 4, but it is true that you have to walk with eye not leave it in a smooth sloping surface, because it will not hold fixed. And here we have all new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, that would just appear in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 5 – Check out What Your Favorite Smartphones Are Offering

Samsung is one among the biggest smartphone manufacturer. Its devices are known for their highly advanced features. Samsung also offers a great value for money; you will surely not get any device with such great specifications and reasonable prices, other than Samsung. But, it is a rival of its own. Today we will discuss on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 5. Galaxy note 4, as we all know is a brilliant device with some great features and Galaxy Note 5 is yet to come. But, it starts making news even before coming to the market.
Let’s take a look on some of the features that are expected to come in an improved version or Galaxy Note 4 or in Galaxy Note 5.

Note 4 vs Note 5

•    Screen Size and Type
Galaxy Note 4 is a fabulous device with 5.7 inches quad HD super AMOLED display. But, Galaxy Note 5 is expected to come with an even bigger screen size and having a 4K resolution.
•    Improved Memory
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a RAM size of 3GB, but galaxy Note 5 has a lot more to offer with an improved 4 GB RAM. Now you can open more applications at a time without facing the problem of your phone slowing down.
•    Latest Operating System
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 works on Android KitKat 4.4.4 version. Here also you will see a great upgradation because Note 5 will serve you with latest Android M operating system.
In Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 5, the overall look of the new device or Galaxy Note 5 is expected to remain same as the old one or Galaxy Note 4.
Since, full specifications of the new device are not disclosed by the company yet. So, it is going to be really interesting to see, what else Samsung has to offer to its customers with a latest device. Undoubtedly, the new device will come with a heavy price tag, but we believe that Samsung will serve its customers with the best.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 5, both these smartphones are having some high end features. As Galaxy note 5 features are yet to be disclosed by the company, it would be interesting to see what upgradation Samsung is bringing with its new device. Meantime, check out some of the comparisons done on the basis of rumored Note 5 specifications.

Web Design - See How It Can Do Wonders for Your Online Business

Designing of a website decides its look and by determining the color, layout, planning, textual requirements and so on. It is a bit complicated process that requires web develops and designers. Designing is necessary to make a website more interactive that can clearly conveys the idea of a business. It should also be attractive at the same time with the right amount and correct placement of text, images, graphics and logos. A good web design can not only enhance the look and feel of the website, but it can also play a major role in increasing the overall sales and thus the revenues.
With the advancement of technology, the process of designing also becomes simpler. Now, there is no need to hire any professional website designer or developer on hefty payments.  Many online websites have come forward to make this task less expensive and hassle free. You can easily find these websites on the internet; just make your choice among them wisely; otherwise you may not get the desired results. We will discuss about the features of a good web designing company, but first let’s tell you the advantages of designing a website.

Advantages of Designing
1.    A good website design clearly depicts the brand value and purpose of a business.
2.    A good website design lets the users to navigate the website with extreme ease, this feature is extremely important because if customers will face any problem related to navigation they can immediately leave the page.
3.    A good design is engaging and can hook the client for longer.
4.    Good design can attract more and more customers with the right amount of SEO and its ease of design makes it user-friendly.
Website design creates the base of your online business, because this business depends on two major things; first the design and performance of your website and second the quality of your products and services. As, we have talked enough about the importance of a good website design, its time to take a look on the features of a good website builder or designer.
Features of a Website Designer
1.    A good website designer offers unlimited choice for website design templates.
2.    The tools provided by them are easy to use and e-commerce and social networking enabled.
3.    Good website builders give money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction and virus and spam free e-mail accounts.
It is important to look for these features before availing the service of a website designer; otherwise there is a possibility that you may not get the desired satisfaction. So, choose your web designer wisely and enjoy the best of web builders.
A good web design is important for the success of any website by increasing the engagement duration of users. But, it is also equally important to choose a website builder wisely, because it is the one that will satisfy all the requirements of a website. Just surf the internet, choose the desired one and enjoy a successful online business.

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