Grab Opportunity for How to Convert MBOX Files to PDF Manually or Alternatively

In this time, thousands of users are such who use MBOX files based mail clients as per their need and some of them are also having need to convert MBOX files to PDF with attachments after that they can easily print MBOX files to PDF as PDF extension is well-useful to print by the most of the printer. After converting MBOX to PDF, users can simply view exported PDF files with multiple devices such as Laptop, Android Mobile, MacBook, Tablet, Computer, etc. In this article, we are providing important facts, manual and alternative solution to know about how to convert MBOX files to PDF with exact data information.

After exploring this article, you can simply shift your MBOX files to Adobe Reader PDF file format with exact information. To know about the manual & alternative conversion solution, get some facts about MBOX & PDF file extension.

Fix Unable to open .eml Files in Outlook 2016 Issues

Basically EML is a file extension that stores every messages or email as individual file. In fact the EML files are the text files (MIME extension) that can also open in notepad too. This extension is easily compatible with multiple applications, email servers & clients (including Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.). Moreover it can also open in internet Explorer by modifying extension in .mht format. 

If you are using Windows Mail than you find .eml files at -

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders
If you are Windows Live Mail users then you can find your .eml files at –

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
Note: These locations may vary according to your systems or computer.

Common problems with EML files

EML files are defenseless to corrupt due to reasons such as system crash, shut down errors, virus intrusion or incomplete installation. Some most common EML errors that you may encounter on a Windows based system are:
  • EML not found
  • Cannot register EML
  • EML access violation
After facing inaccessibility issues, users would like to go with other apps, program in place of EML files based program. Now eml files may be from any eml supported mail client such as – Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Turnpike, DreamMail, etc. and today Outlook is most common mail client for users so it becomes a popular mail app due to its advance features such as – journals, reminder, notes, tasks, etc. in such case if users would like to open their EML to Outlook then they face difficulty because of no direct conversion option availability but for solving this issue, two conversion solutions are available which can fix unable to open EML file in Outlook 2016, 2013 and other below editions issue.

1. Manual Solution - 

To open .eml files into Outlook manually, firstly install Windows Live Mailas well as Outlook in the same machine, then follow the given steps –

  • Open Windows Live Mail and import all EML files in it.
  • Now re-open Windows Live Mail and go to File Menu >> Export >> Export Messages option
  • After that choose Microsoft Exchange Option
  • Now select folder which one you want to open in Outlook or choose all folders option.
  • Then click on continue and ok button
Frequently, manual solution supports some restrictions such as Windows Live Mail & Outlook should be installed in same machine, Lengthy process, not suitable for large migration, sometimes it fails and not saves exact data in migration process.   

2.   Alternative Solution -

When manual solution becomes fail and not successful, then users demand another solution. At this time, the EML Converter helps to fix unable to open EML files to Outlook issue. For users’ help, it provides simple user interface which can be easily handled by any non-technical user. The solution is competent method and perfectly exports all .eml files of any supportive .eml mail clients – Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Windows Mail, Turnpike, DreamMail, etc. By using this solution, you can open your all .eml files into PST file format in one time processing which assists to achieve batch conversion from EML to PST.  To know about the working steps of EML files to Outlook, follow the given steps of image –

Still, you have any doubt and want a efficiency test then it also provides demo facility which assists to evaluate its efficiency and understand complete working steps or process without any confusion. With demo function, you can open your 10 .eml files of any EML based mail client into Outlook absolutely free. Therefore fix your issue about how to open EML file in Outlook without any trouble. 

How to Fix eDiscovery PST Export Tool Failed to Load Status Error?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based cloud application providing assistance in various fields like business; education, medicine; information technology and etc.however; there are many situations where users need to save their data from O365 cloud platform to on-premises. For this, Microsoft has provided eDiscovery PST Export Tool, which searches, analyses and export Office 365 mailbox to Windows Outlook supported PST format. But many organisations have complained about the tool showing eDiscovery PSTExport tool failed to load status error. The following blog will describe about the reasons for occurrence of such error and solutions to fix this error..

Though Microsoft’s eDiscovery PST Export Tool is used for saving Exchange Online mailbox to PST, but it is not the recommended solution due the reported eDiscovery PST Export Tool error: “Failed to load status”, which resulted in failed migration process, as stated by many users. After a deep analysis, it is found that there are many organisations who have reported this eDiscovery failed to load status error, as displayed below:

Scenario 1: I need some important mailboxes from my Office 365 account to PST so that I can access them in Outlook on my local system. I tried to do it using eDiscovery PST Export Tool but it terminated with the error “failed to load status”. After a few failed attempts, finally I got them saved at my desktop, but with the following status:

On checking, it was found that only a few mailboxes data was saved and it failed load data from other mailboxes. I tried to find the error via different commands, but failed to get the reason for this error. Can someone please help me fix this PST Export Tool failed to load status error, as I need the solution at the earliest. Thanks!

Scenario 2: While trying to migrate Exchange Online mailboxes to PST using eDiscovery Export Tool, we received an error: failed to load status. This is not the first time that we are doing O365 to PST migration using eDiscovery Tool, but this is the only time that is failed to perform the migration and showed this error. And the most annoying thing is that I don’t have any idea, whether my request is in queue or is has failed completely. I need to migrate my Office 365 to PST very urgently, so I am looking forward to some alterative solution. If someone knows the solution, then please suggest me the same, ASAP. Thanks in advance.

What exactly is eDiscovery PST Export Tool Error : Failed to Load Status

eDiscovery PST Export Tool is used for saving O365 cloud mailboxes data to PST on a local system. But there are many situations where this process interrupts intermittently and fails to work and displays the error message.  There are other times too, when it doesn’t display the error, but fails due to the following reasons:
  • The search result consists of corrupted PST files, not suitable for migration
  • When there are large mailboxes, then eDiscovery Tool fails to load the entire mailbox data and doesn’t even show the process status.
Why we Encounter eDiscovery PST Export Tool Failed to Load Status Error

There are many situations where eDiscovery Tool fails to perform properly and shows the “eDiscovery PST Export Tool Error : Failed to load status”message. Some common reasons for such failure are :
  • You need to use IE 9.0 or later edition for this tool to work, otherwise it will show error.
  • It will not work without installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 in your system.
  • When Third party browsers don’t have Click Once browser extension installed.
  • Local Intranet zone settings are not configured in Internet Explorer
  • The tool can export data not more than 50GB per mailbox, and crashes when the size exceeds the permitted limit.

Is there any Workaround available?

In the situations when eDiscovery export tool has failed to migrate Office 365 mailboxes to PST, users start looking for its alternative solution. Office 365 Backup is a smart tool that supports easy and effective solution for transferring data from O365 cloud storage to multiple formats. The tool supports conversion of all emails, contacts and calendars data from Exchange Online account to PST file. Moreover, it also supports to save O365 emails to other popular formats like PDF, EML, MSG and MBOX.

Working with Office 365 software is quite easy for both technical and non-technical users. Now they can simply move cloud data to local system without any efforts. It supports Application Impersonation option that allows organizations to move their company’s user accounts data from Office 365 admin account to any supported format in bulk. It is Windows based application and is suitable for all Windows based OS – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 XP etc. It provides simple steps to help users easily migrate O365 data to PST, PDF, EML, MSG and MBOX, as showing in below image :


There are many times when users face issues regarding eDiscovery PST export toll failed to load status error and need some alternative solution to fix this error. Office 365 backup tool is a helpful solution for them that will help them come out of this trying situation and fix the error. For them, Its FREE demo edition is also available to check its working capacity. With FREE demo, users are allowed to save first 100 emails and 25 other items from cloud storage to local system.

Convert MBOX to HTML Format to Open Mailboxes with Web Browsers

In this article, I am going to describe the complete information for solving “how to convert MBOX to HTML format?” related queries. A lot of users are looking for a solution to convert MBOX files to HTML format because HTML format can be easily accessed with most of the web browsers for example – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chromium, Vivaldi, Safari, etc. Let’s begin with a quick glance at MBOX and HTML format.

What are MBOX and HTML Formats?

MBOX is a mailbox file extension which is widely used for storing unlimited mailboxes in a single file. There are various email clients available in the online marketplace which store mailboxes in MBOX format and variants of MBOX format, for example, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Entourage, Eudora Mail, Spicebird Mail, The BAT, Netscape Mail, MailCopa, etc.
HTML is also known as Hypertext Markup Language File which is coded in HTML language and it can be open with the web browsers. An HTML file is a webpage coded in HTML for storing the text, table, image, heading, etc. HTML files are widely used on the web as most of the web pages of static websites are designed with HTML language.

Main Reasons to Convert MBOX to HTML Format

Most of the users, convert MBOX to HTML format because HTML files can be easily open with the web browsers as well as various text editor programs while it is difficult task to open MBOX files, without importing them into email clients. HTML files can be also open by double-clicking while MBOX files cannot be open by double-clicking. An MBOX file has various email messages in its database so it is difficult to find any specific email message in the whole database while HTML file is a simple standard text file so that users can find out specific emails.
To open MBOX files with email clients and services, it is compulsory to have internet connectivity while HTML files can be easily open without the internet connection. MBOX files cannot be easily edited by users while HTML files can be edited effortlessly. Above described points are the main reasons for MBOX to HTML Conversion.

Best Software for MBOX to HTML Conversion

OneTime MBOX to HTML Converter is one of the best software which offers separate option to convert MBOX to HTML format in batch mode. Users can follow few simple few simple steps for completing the MBOX to HTML conversion process, this utility gives facility to maintain email attachments as well as other attributes while converting MBOX files to HTML format.

MBOX to HTML Converter Features

  1. MBOX to HTML Converter offers dual options for selecting the .mbox files from computer as Select File or Select Folder so that users can easily choose single as well as multiple .mbox files to convert them in .html format.
  2. OneTime MBOX to HTML Converter supports conversion of MBOX files of Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Entourage, Horde Mail, Google Takeout, The BAT!, Mac Mail, etc.
  3. This software gives 100% accurate result by adding the specific HTML tags automatically in the resultant HTML files.
  4. The tool comes with several file naming conversion options which are helpful in arranging the result HTML file names by date, time, subject, etc.
  5. After selecting the MBOX files from computer, the tool previews all MBOX files in the software panel so that users can choose only required MBOX files to convert in the HTML format.
  6. The tool is capable to store resultant HTML files at selective destination path even users can get converted HTML files in the storage devices like pen drives, hard drives, etc.
  7. MBOX to HTML Converter previews live progressive report during converting MBOX files to HTML format which beneficial for users to check the conversion process status.
  8. The tool keeps all email items, attachments, subject, signature, html links, images, etc. during MBOX to HTML conversion.

Final Words

I have personally tested OneTime MBOX to HTML Converter many times and each time it gave me 100% accurate result without loss of email information and email attributes. After using the utility, I can say that it is great software guys to convert MBOX to HTML format. One of the best things of this software is that it allows converting Ubuntu MBOX to HTML and Mac MBOX to HTML format.
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