Desirable Features of Linux Reseller Web Hosting Service

Business concerns across the world count upon the web hosting service which has been the major contributing force behind seamless business operations and soaring industrial growth in the recent times. People call for the need for web hosting service provider due to the fact that they are responsible for placing the websites on the server.

Server is a computer which is located centrally and connected to the internet. Server is specifically meant for locating the websites and this aspect of server signifies the primary difference between server and an ordinary computer. Server is used for the purpose of website service and hence is called web server.

There are certain factors that determine an efficient and cost-effective Linux reseller web hosting service. This is owing to the fact that functionality of domain hosting service has a corresponding impact on the long-term prospects of your business. Such a situation presses a need for reliable Linux reseller web hosting service which efficiently comes to terms with your requirements.

An exemplary Linux reseller web hosting service will impart an ultimate user experience. In addition, an efficient web hosting service will ensure to ward off unwanted technical snags and counter the breakdown if occurs.

Here are some of the factors that need to be considered while procuring the web hosting service:

Amount of Storage Space

Disk space implies the amount of storage space required by your website. The storage space is calculated by factoring in the amount of multimedia files that will be located on your website. In addition, the type of website also determines the disk space required. For instance, an e-commerce web site is certain to be flooded with plethora of multimedia product images and hence requires more storage space.

Expertise and Experience

Reviews by clients available on the website present a true picture of the capabilities of a company. Such reviews enable the person to make inferences on the services of the company. In addition, these reviews also help you make a decisive selection on the service that should cater your business requirements.

Technical Support:

A Linux reseller web hosting service should assure round-the-clock technical support for the smooth and seamless business operations.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. Apple iPhone 6 - A Tough Competition

Since mobile phone has become an integral part of our life we choose the best among the best. So we take ample time to select one phone which fulfils all our requirements adequately. In order to purchase the best phone for us we compare the selected product with many others available in the market. But it becomes a tough decision to take when the comparison is made between two phones with largest display and some other grand features. This very particular thing happens when the debate Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. iPhone 6 arises and we have to select between two very popular phones in the market. Their day by day growing supremacy is making the competition all the tougher for us. But definitely there are certain features which can be used as proper yardstick to determine which one is the best for you. 

Get Hold Of The Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Price In India And Take The Right Move

When you are looking for the best mobile technicalities, only the feature loaded phones are up in the market. The competition is quite high, and for the best phone you need to spend a lucrative amount, for sure. However, this is about to get changed as you have Galaxy core II from none other than Samsung manufacturing unit. This phone comes with feature loaded services, and all within lucrative rates. Just make sure to get hold of the features first, before planning to invest money for it. This is the best way to make the final move.

Two Electric Cars with Upcoming Android Features

In this age of pollution, electric cars are a breath fresh of air. Electric cars are cars with alternate fuel automobiles that use electricity instead of petrol or diesel. Instead of using an internal combustion engine, these automobiles use an electric motor for propulsion.

An electric car uses an on-board battery pack as the main power supply to the car. These cars are a good transportation vehicle for everyday use and have to be recharged overnight.

Mahindra & Mahindra bought Reva Electric in 2010 to venture into the electric car segment under the Mahindra Reva brand and came out with India’s first fully-grown electric car – Mahindra e2o.

The exterior design looks funky with its large black grille and wraparound headlamp assembly. The double barrel lights include segment first halogen projector lamps. The headlamps also include follow me home function. The bulging wheel arches add muscle to the body. The rear profile flaunts LED tail lamps.

The Mahindra e2o has been made using a lightweight steel body frame and thus weight is kept at a minimum to prolong battery life. The side profile of the Mahindra e2o reveals a single door on each side. The glass runs all the way backwards and joins the tail lamp. The design includes an overhang at the junction of the tail lamp and the rear bumper. The roof gradually slopes backwards. The 13-inch alloy wheels house special 155/70 low resistance Hankook tyres.

The seats get two-tone leather upholstery with white stitching. Legroom, headroom and thigh support are pretty decent. The entry to the rear seat is via the front. The centre console get a shiny black finish and houses the dials for the AC along with the 6.2-inch touch screen audio unit which also displays a host of other things such as rear camera while reversing. The AC is powerful.

Power is stored in a zero maintenance 48 V Lithium-ion battery. Power from this battery is transmitted to the wheels via a 19 Kw (25.5 bhp) 3-phase induction motor at 3750 rpm. The price of the Mahindra e2o is Rs. 5.95 to 6.67.

The Hyundai i10 electric is another car that was unveiled in the 2010 Auto Expo. The body resembles the i10. The i10 Electric uses a 49 kwh motor and a 16 kwh Lithium polymer battery. This battery is powerful enough to run for 160 km with single charge. The i10 Electric has a top speed of 130 kmph. The battery gets fully recharged in 5 hours from a 220V source. The expected price will be less than Rupees 5 lakh and the expected launching by the end of 2014.

The Tata Megapixel, the Nissan Leaf, the Chevrolet Beat are the few other electric cars expected in 2014-2015.

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