3 Android Apps That You Should Pack For Your Holidays

If you’d rather not bother with dragging a hefty laptop or a meaty tablet around on your vacation, you’ll probably be more than happy with your favourite Smartphone instead. This fantastic device is not only an excellent way to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest whilst out and about on your travels, but can also offer you a myriad of cool travel and accommodation options before you’ve even landed on the tarmac. We have reviewed 3 essential Android travel apps that will certainly be worth a place in your list of packing items, so please take a few minutes to peruse these goodies and you may be able to download them in tome for your next overseas or domestic jaunt.

Top Reasons to Buy the LG G2

LG latest flagship device, LG G2 is a sleek, powerful device that is surely going to give a tough time to some of the other popular phones in the smartphone industry. LG has surely got it right with the device and it won’t be wrong to say that G2 is LG’s best production till date. The soaring popularity of the device implies that it has got many takers. The following are some best reasons to buy LG G2. 

3 Android Phones That Are Rocking 2014

If you absolutely love Android Smartphones and could easily live without the Windows and Apple also-rans, this article is especially for you! You may have a relevant business requirement that defines the best OS for your daily strategy, or you may simply prefer the more original and bespoke style that this platform has on offer, but you know what it is you like and this is why it just has to be Android. 2014 has seen some rather cool developments out there in the world of Android compatible Smartphones and sometimes this can be a little confusing when deciding on your next handset. We have chosen 3 of these bad boys and hopefully you can narrow your own choice down considerably after reading this short article – Enjoy!

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Cool Features

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest addition to the popular Galaxy series of this South Korean giant. This time Samsung has ensured that they provide the users everything that they actually want. This handset is a great improvement over all the previous versions and overcomes the various deficiencies seen in the predecessors. The new metal casing and highest resolution display till date are some of the popular characteristics of the device. If you are looking for a future proof device, then this is surely a device to get your hands on. Following are some cool features of Samsung Galaxy S5.

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