Points To Know About Samsung Galaxy Alpha Vs HTC One M8

When buying a phone, it is natural for you to get confused with two different companies and two different handsets. In such situations, the ideal thing to do is compare the features and other attributes of the phone to find out which is better and a smarter buy. The things to consider while choosing between Samsung Galaxy Alpha and HTC One M8 are their affordability and the special features. You must also what previous users have to say about these phones. It is important that you find out how one phone gets an upper hand over the other.

The cost effective factor
One of the most important things to consider when buying the phone is whether or not it is affordable for you. It is important that you buy a phone that is at a reasonable price and yet has amazing features. For this Samsung Galaxy, Alpha is a better option for you than HTC One M8. The latter is quite overpriced, even though, the two phones have almost similar features. The difference of price is quite high too. The current market price of HTC One M8 ranges from as high as 41,000 to about 48,000 in different online shopping sites. While the prevalent price range of Alpha is between 25,000 to 27,000 rupees on online shopping sites.
Other things to consider
Once you are done considering price ranges of a phone, the smarter thing to do is to consider other features that the phones have. Detailed comparison will show you how Alpha is better when talking about Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One M8. Some of the reasons for such a statement are given below:
•    Alpha is available in four different colors namely white, blue, brown and black while the other one has only three different varieties of
•    The Samsung phone has an internal storage space of 32 GB while HTC has only 16 GB.
Portability and advancement
It is also very important that you think about which phone is more portable and which one has more advanced features. The phones that are launched later always have better features because it is designed after Catering to the market demands that have arisen meanwhile. Some of the factors to include in the Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One M8 comparison are:
•    Alpha is also lighter in terms of weight and easier to carry. While it weighs, 115 grams HTC One M8 weighs 160 grams.
•    The Samsung phone was launched in the market after almost five months of the launching of HTC One M8. While the former was launched on August 2014, the latter hit the markets on March 2014.
Reviews and testimonies
The easiest way to find out which phone is better for usage and worth your money is by looking up reviews. People who have already used these phones can tell you best. You should be aware that although the HTC One M8 prides itself on having a long battery life, the prevalent complaint of customers is this precisely. Most owners say that the battery runs out in about 10 hours if it has been used to watch videos a lot. While the users of Samsung Galaxy Alpha testified that it had a long lasting battery life in real that lasts them for almost 17 hours even after heavy usage.

Checklist of Choosing the Right E-commerce Hosting Service Provider

The emergence of great deal of e-commerce hosting companies has indeed created a state of quandary for a majority of e-merchants in terms of choosing the right one. There are so many companies in this segment that even a seasoned service seeker could get lost in no time. Furthermore, each single company asserts on providing ‘’best quality services’’ which then again renders most people perplexed.
So how is it you can find an ideal company that provides premium quality ecommerce hosting services for online stores, without requiring you to shell out a hefty amount of money? The following section is a checklist of all the factors that you need to take under due consideration, before you set your foot in the market. Let’s have a look. 

Tips to Choose the Right Company for E-commerce Hosting

1.    Customer Service
Unparalleled and high quality customer service forms the building block of a long term and successful collaboration with an e-commerce host. Customer service quality acts as a yardstick for measuring the responsiveness of a hosting service provider. Simply call the technicians at any company and see to it that they are receptive and are well-behaved. In addition to this, check whether the customer support officials are certified and qualified enough of providing high quality support for the hosting service,

2.    Flexibility and Scalability
You should comprehend the fact that your e-commerce business will be on the rise and over time you will need to increase the inventory and the capability of handling huge volumes of orders. In these situations your hosting service provider must be competent enough of imparting scalability and flexibility, your website requires to operate in a seamless manner even when traffic volumes is on the high rise.

3.    Security
Security is another important concern that you need to lay your focus on, in order to ensure the right selection of a hosting provider for your e-commerce website. You see, e-commerce business thrives only when customers are completely confident of transacting securely from your website. Therefore, make sure that security is notched up and the hosting provider takes all possible measure to ensure that the server is and will be free of any security or malware attack.

4.    Automation
It is a wise decision to invest in an automated system for e-commerce hosting. These systems save you a whole lot of time and pose less operational hassles that prompt you to focus on other aspects of business development. Ensure to procure services of a company that provides automated hosting solutions.
Apart from laying your focus on above mentioned points on choosing the right e-commerce host, it is also important to evaluate all the prerequisites of your online website before making a decision. If you need some more help in this context, place your inputs in the comment section below.

Experience the touch of Samsung Galaxy E7

For the past five years Samsung has produces some of the innovative mobile phones in the market. They have come up with high tech Smartphones that are now a benchmark for many mobile manufacturers. Providing a wide range from low to high segment and catering needs of people all around the world they have given what people desire at a reasonable price. On January, 2015 they introduced a new member to its Smartphone family, Samsung galaxy E7. Here is the Samsung Galaxy E7 review in display, design, camera and software. 

1.    The phone has come up with LTE network making it a 4G Smartphone. Yes, It has its earlier network technology HSPA and GSM.
2.    It comes with a 5.5 inches of Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels (~267 ppi pixel density) making it HD to enjoy movies and videos.
3.     To satisfy the segment (Rs 1000 – Rs 18,000) of customers they came with galaxy E7 with Dual Nano-SIM functionality. This is very beneficial for those working class who carry more than one mobile phones with them. It eliminates juggling of phones. Calls are never missed using this feature of dual SIM. With the help of two SIM one can have an office number while in another a personal number.
4.    It comes with latest Android Kit-Kat operating system with a Quad Core processor of 1.2GHz cortex A53 processor. This makes it strong to run multi applications at the same time and play games with full zeal and enthusiasm.
5.    It has got an internal memory of 16 GB and an external upto 64GB. This combination of both internal and external memory you will find in many high tech Smartphone.
6.    It has got powerful 2GB RAM which is sufficient to play games and switch over multi applications, enjoy its experience.
7.    The phone has 13 MP rear camera, 4128 x 3096 pixels with autofocus and LED flash that provides high quality natural images. Samsung focuses on the camera quality in manufacturing the Smartphone. It has 5MP front camera to take selfies.
8.    It provides faster connectivity using Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n through which you can share and have quick downloads.
9.    This phone provides a dynamic platform for infinite app usage
10.    The phone has a mammoth lifelong Non-removable Li-Ion 2950 mAh battery that helps you to enjoy for long hours.

The phone is comfortable to hold and easier to handle. The device runs Android 4.4 Kit Kat but updates to 5.0 Lollipop are expected sooner. Performance felt snappy and the screens were reasonably sharp and rich under indoor lighting. You will not experience any sluggishness in the Galaxy E7. The Samsung Galaxy  E7 appear to be solid mid-range offerings which will compete with similarly priced devices from the likes of HTC, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Oppo, Gionee and others. Overall till now Samsung Galaxy E7 review has been exceptionally great in terms of camera, processor, memory and battery.

4 Surefire Tips to Choose an Ideal Website Design Company

A sophisticated and well-designed website plays a tremendous role in taking your business prospects to a whole new level. There is no denying the fact that amidst the digital age, websites indeed form an integral component of a business entity and are fairly crucial to inviting more traffic and reaching out to a wider customer base. This is the primary reason why most webmasters lay heavy emphasis on creating a professional and well-crafted website.
Over the recent few years, entrepreneurs and business owners have displayed a sharp inclination towards acquiring services of a professional website builder that helps them to create an intuitive online portal for their respective businesses. These website design companies have been very supportive in creating a platform for business entities to leverage the power of internet. However, choosing the right website builder can be a tricky matter. The prevalence of as many as hundreds of companies in this landscape makes it quite difficult for the service seeker to riddle out the bad from good.
This article is intended towards assisting you to find the most credible and suitable website design company that will allow you to boost the overall productivity of your business. Let’s have a look at some pointers that you need to focus on, before you choose a website builder. 

4 Tips to Find the Right Website Design Company

1.    Pricing
Unless you have several thousand dollars to toss around, pricing is one factor, the important of which should never be undermined. A wrong decision on your part can lead towards crippling the financial stand of your company. Therefore, keep in mind that you find a company that is priced reasonably and never overcharges you.
Budget is crucial, especially for companies that are tight on financial assets and look forward to finding a company that lie well-within stipulated expenses. You can browse the pricing policies of several companies and find a company that charges just the amount you can pay.

2.    Interface Simplicity
Most online business professional don’t have a proper understanding of computer codes and programming languages. This indicates towards the need of an intuitive panel that is user-friendly and doesn’t pose many operational complications. Drag and drop technology to create a website tends to be fairly easy, so find a company that provides this facility. In addition to this, make sure you have a hold on your website at all times and it is controlled by only you.

3.    SEO Friendly
To maximize the benefit of internet, you need to make sure that your website finds the top spot in search engine rankings. This is only possible via a website design company that deploys effective tactics to make sure website makes it to the top. Choose a company that provides professional SEO assistance in addition to designing to make sure your website reaches the top spot no matter what. Make sure the website designing panel comes equipped with SEO optimization tools to allow you to undertake SEO operations for your website.

4.    Customer Support
To make sure your website runs at peak performance levels and glitches with it are resolved in a timely fashion, a knowledgeable and robust customer support is a must. Check whether the company has a dedicated customer care department and contact them over phone to check the responsiveness of the technicians. Furthermore, ensure that the customer care lines are open round the clock so that you are able to get in touch with the website design company at any point of time to get your issues resolved at your behest.
Above mentioned tips will certainly help you to find the right website design company. If you have some doubts or questions in this regard, you may place them in the comment section below.

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