Convert eM Client Address/ Contacts to Outlook PST with Proper Information

There are so many people who use eM Client as their desktop email client and as per eM Client concern it provide service of mailing, chatting, sending and receiving data and documents. But mostly users prefer Microsoft Outlook for their default email client so that if you are one of them who wants to export their contacts and address Books from eM Client to their MS Outlook account without using any sync method.

First collect all the eM Client Contacts in one folder, so Export em Client Contacts:

Step 1 - Go to eM Client “File” option >> Then Click on “Export” option

Step 2Now select “Export Address Book as .vcf” action from given options

Step 3 - Next step is to select contacts of multiple profiles (click on “Select all” option to select all address book of multiple profiles)

Step 4 - Next option is to select location to save exported data, click on “Browse” option and select location

After few seconds all the eM Client address books, go to the location and option folder and you can see all the eM Client exported contacts. Now second step is to use eM Client Address Book Converter software which helps to migrate eM Client addresses to PST in batch.

It convert multiple address books at a time, save all the exported contacts into one folder and use tool’s “Browse folder having” option to select folder. This option will help in multiple eM Client address books to Outlook conversion. Software retains all the information of contacts during the conversion process like file name, phone numbers, job title, category, phone number, addresses, emails, professional details, personal details, calendar information, contacts attachments, notes, web pages and many more.

Converted PST file can be easily imported into any of Microsoft Outlook editions, it convert eM Client contacts to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. You can install and run this tool into any Windows OS versions including Windows 10. If you want to try the tool then you can DOWNLOAD its trial version and convert first five contacts from eM Client address book to PST format for free of cost.

Import Email Messages from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2016, 2013

Email client is basically a desktop based app, which makes easy for user to send and receive emails on desktop directly. It only requires an email id to be setup and configured before starting an email service. The configurations and settings include passwords, email id, POP3, IMPAP and SMTP etc. There are many email clients available in market at present like Opera Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Eudora, Postbox, Thunderbird etc.

Windows Live Mail is a freeware email client launched by Microsoft. It comes with Windows 7 and all updated editions. It saves all its email incoming and sending data in EML file format. EML is file format which has plain and formatted messages for users. Windows Live Mail is an updated edition of Outlook Express. It offers enhanced search feature. It has an ability to setup and open RSS feed in it only. It enables to open new site as new content can be easily added and even can be updated timely like news, sports etc.

MS Outlook is also an email client, which helps user in managing large amount of emails, notes, calendars, contacts etc. In it user can access multiple email accounts easily. It easily manages all the email accounts with few clicks after installing it on the system. It also gives an option to search the required file to edit, complete, send or receive data. It helps to perform different function with less effort. It also provides themes, graphics etc. to make your email client to look more attractive to access. Outlook supports PST file format to save all its data properly.

Why users prefer MS Outlook?
  • MS Outlook is easy to access by other email addresses for one centralized in box
  • Easily list the information about contacts for multiple users on a network
  • It is standalone as well as web application
  • Manage all the data properly in accurate manner
  • Easily share information in contact list
“I am having a lot of email of Windows Live Mail, but now I want to import email messages from Windows Live Mail to Outlook as I have switched my job `and here MS Outlook is preferred more. So I need Windows Live Mail import PST with same folder structure. Can anyone suggest me how to import Windows Live Mail to PST Outlook as I am having very less time?”
No, need to be so worried, as there is an easy way to resolve your problem. There is software EML to PST Converter, which can easily convert all your data without any issue. The software import email messages from Windows Live Mail to Outlook by maintaining the folder hierarchy in as it manner. The tool offers dual technique to import Windows Live Mail to PST- single and batch mode. In single mode, user imports data one by one. But in batch mode, user imports bulk of data at once. It helps to save a lot of time to import emails from Windows Live Mail to PST. Windows Live Mail import PST all the emails along with its attachments and Meta data. The tool is totally virus free to access and gives 100% accurate result without any error to import Windows Live Mail to PST. The software supports all the Windows versions for Windows Live Mail import PST.

How to Export Outlook Email to PDF Manually

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the Microsoft Office’s foremost messaging client for Internet and Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Outlook allows users to connect with other users by providing options such as email, group scheduling, telephone, etc. It provides features like calendar, email, task management, scheduling features and journalizing and that too in a single application. Microsoft Outlook is a crucial in almost every organization not because it is a stable email client but because it has other features such as contact talents, tasks and calendaring to name a few. A normal organization would connect Outlook to an exchange server and that will allow everyone to share calendars and address book. Microsoft Outlook is mainly built around various functions like MS word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Now the problem with Microsoft Outlook is that it crashes when the user tries to search emails. And this problem is very common in Outlook causing users plenty of trouble and there is no readymade solution for this problem. Now user can either switch to a new email client or they convert their Outlook files into some other format.

Switching to a new client means they have to configure and repeat the lengthy process of setting up a new email account. So, the ideal way is to convert Outlook files into other popular format.


Everyone uses PDF but they might not know the importance of PDF file but be it government and business organizations, you will find Adobe Reader in every computer and it is slowly becoming a standard format between consumers and government organizations. PDF is easy, you can convert content into PDF, plus from the inception PDF files they were free to view and edit. PDF files are portable, Portable Document Format you can get it by its name that PDF files are portable which means PDF works equally on every Operating System be it Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, UNIX and on any other operating system. PDF files are secure.

Before converting Outlook files the user must get the files and for this the user must know the location of files:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\ \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

Windows 7 or Vista:  C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Microsoft Outlook

Users can also convert their Outlook files into PDF by the manual process and the steps are given below:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and choose any Outlook file
  • Now go to the file menu and click on Save As and save the file in .html format
  • Select the .pdf file and save the file in PDF 
  • Open this saved file in Microsoft Word, go to the file menu of MS Word, click on Save As
  •  Select the .pdf file and save the file in PDF

Well this process is not risk proof and it has its limitations like you cannot convert attachments with this method. This manual method is not recommended because it has many cons.

After you have located your Outlook files now it is time to convert your Outlook files into PDF and it can be done only with the help of external software as there is a method you can convert your Outlook files into PDF but this method is slow and outdated. This method is limited and only works when the user has to convert few files and it is risky because there is a chance of data loss. User does not have worry as they can use this external software which will convert Outlook email to PDF, Outlook to PDF converter. This software is simple to use and provides single, multiple conversion option, maintains folder/sub-folder structure, also runs on each Windows Operating System.

Easy Way to Export eM Client Emails to Outlook with Attachments

eM Client is a windows based email application for receiving, sending emails and messaging, managing task, contacts, managing calendar. But you can’t use it for business purpose, eM Client is a nice email client but not for a business purpose, you can use eM Client for home purpose. And almost users used to use MS Outlook as their default emails client because MS Outlook offers so many features which completely suitable for business purpose.

If you are one of them who wants to access their eM Client emails into Outlook, then first understand that eM Client save its emails in .eml format and Outlook save its emails in .PST format, so you have to convert your eM Client emails into PST format and to do that you have to Export eM Client emails into your local drive –

  • Open eM Client application
  • File option >> Export option
  • Now Choose the action of “Export to .eml files” >> Next
  • Next, select the folder to export data to .eml file format
  • Choose the destination to save the eM Client export files

After exporting eM Client emails into your local drive you will get all the emails backup of eM Client. And to import eM Client emails backup into MS Outlook, you have to convert all the exported mailboxes of eM Client into PST format, and to do that I am recommend to use Third Party “eM Client to Outlook Converter” Tool that would enable users to convert multiple eM Client emails to PST format. Question is why I am recommending this tool, because I have used this software and it really works. It help me to resolve the same issue.

“eM Client Converter software is just a recommendation so that you can easily convert your eM Client emails into PST format with complete data and details.”

It has two modes for conversion –

  • One – Single Folder conversion mode, in this option users can convert only one folder having multiple eM Client Mails and sub-folders. In this option software will creates only one PST file for all emails and sub-folders.
  • Second – Multiple Folders Conversion option, in this option users can select multiple eM Client Mailboxes folders at a time. In this option software will creates individual PST file for individual Folder, for example if you have 20 eM Client mailboxes for conversion then software will creates 20 PST files for 20 folders.

Software will Keep save emails attributes while the conversion process, maintain emails header formatting (from, Bcc, to, Cc, subject, time, date, etc), RTF (images, line, table, color, font, text, etc) and other formatting. If emails having attachments then software will convert all the attached file / folders and directories along with its related mails, software will keeps emails attachments into their original formats, no alteration in attachments formatting and any other emails formatting. You can run this program into any Windows OS version including Windows 10 and all other Windows OS versions. Software will create UNICODE PST file which easily support with Outlook 2003 and all above version including MS Outlook 2016.

If you want to understand software then download its demo version and convert multiple eM Client profiles emails to PST format but demo version put DEMO word watermark to all over the emails body.

After completing the eM Client to PST migration, you can import the converted PST files into Microsoft Exchange server using the cmd promptand: New-MailboxImportRequest –Mailbox Johan –FilePath \ mymachine \ PST-Files \ Johan.pst (Using this command you can easily import multiple mailboxes from eM Client to Exchange Server.)

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