MBOX to NSF Converter – Migrate Thunderbird to Lotus Notes

If you are finding a reliable option to migrate your Mailbox database to Lotus Notes but confused to choose the best option because of data safety issue so you need not to worry any more now because we are here to give you the best solution of your problem.

MBOX to NSF Converter is the perfect and complete guide to transfer mailbox database files to Lotus Notes. The software not only provide safe migration of MBOX email items but also maintain the whole structure of MBOX files during conversion.

The software’s primary purpose is to migrate MBOX files safely with full accuracy to Lotus Notes so that any user will not face any data loss and any data files mismanagement issues. That’s why the software maintain whole ordering of MBOX files while conversion.

The software also migrates MBOX supportive email client files to Lotus Notes such as –

  • Thunderbird to Lotus Notes
  • Apple Mail to Lotus Notes
  • Entourage to Lotus Notes
  • SeaMonkey to Lotus Notes
Commendable features of the software
  • Complete conversion of MBOX database to NSF format
  • Mass conversion of MBOX files to NSF 
  • Access to all size MBOX files
  • Smooth performance on all window platforms
  • Convert MBOX files and attachments to NSF 
  • Rapid Output saving path for easy viewing
  • Auto-detection of MBOX files from the system
  • Easy support to all MBOX clients
  • Lotus Notes Installation mandatory
Functionality of the software 

Flat loading of MBOX files – You can easily load MBOX files to the wizard with the help of browse button provided there. You have the freedom to select single MBOX file or entire folder of MBOX files.
Apart from this, the user has the quick option to automatically load Thunderbird files from the system to the wizard without doing any manual labour. Once you tick the option ‘Load Thunderbird files’, it will load all MBOX files from the system to the screen.

Clear broadcasting of MBOX files – Once the files are loaded to the software, you can view each file clearly that are exported to the wizard. It is one of the best feature of the software that before conversion, it provides you the facility to view the files.

Easy saving option and viewing of MBOX files – Now you are a single step away from conversion of MBOX files to Lotus Notes. The software asks you for a path to save your Output files. You can create a new folder anywhere in your system for easy saving and viewing of Output files.
The last step is ‘Convert Now’ button. You have to just hit the button and your files are ready in NSF files format within few minutes.

End Observation:
With the global use of this software, various users are feeling very relaxed. Small organizations and large organizations, both are using this tool and are very happy with the results. The software not only provided them expected results but also saved their time and efforts.
You can visit our website for more details. The link is provided below.

Top 5 Considerations You Need To Bear In Mind before Purchasing a Spy App

An efficient spy app could serve a number of purposes like allowing parents to keep tabs on their kid’s offline and online activities and employers to know if their employees are up to something suspicious.  A smart cell phone spy app lets you know about the activities of the other person remotely.

With plenty of spy apps available for the users right now it becomes difficult to make a choice and select the best app to spy on cell phones 2018.
So, we bring you here the top 5 considerations you need to pay attention to when you set out to buy an app to spy on cell phones.


While you are on your quest to look for the best app to spy on cell phones 2018, you will come across various spy apps claiming to be the perfect spy app out there. They will boast of plenty of features priced at hundreds of dollars or sometimes, even free. You need to see your budget and go with something that is not too hard on your budget. It is not crucial for you to go with a spy app that is the costliest.


Next, we have the authenticity of the company you are considering to buy the cell phone spy app from. Most of the people are still unaware of these apps and the companies selling them. Quite often, people suffer at the hands of scam companies. So, you need to make sure that the company you are dealing is real and has an established online presence.

The way spy apps have grown popular, quite a number of fake spy app companies have sprung up that take huge money and provide the customers with apps that don’t even work. So you need to sure that you are dealing with an authentic company. Some of the tips to help you with that are as follows:
Look for addresses and contact numbers mentioned on the website and if possible, verify it as well.
Thoroughly go through the website. An authentic company pays attention to how its website looks and also posts comments and reviews by its users.

You could also look for the social media page/group or account of the company to see its online presence and go through the various comments and views of the people.

Another way to verify that the company is real or scam is to type the name of the company in the search bar of your search engine and add the word scam after it. If the company is fake in real, then comments made by people who suffered at the hands of this company will come up which they might have posted on various platforms on the internet.

Performance & Speed:

The sole reason you are getting a cell phone spy app is monitoring cell phone activities of your child or employee, so if the app fails to perform or deliver what it had promised, it is a waste of your money. Going through the reviews especially on review sites gets you an insight into the performance of the app. The cell phone spy app that you get should not affect the speed of the monitored device or its performance. Normally people use these apps secretly so it has to perform seamlessly on the target device.


Another important thing to keep in mind is whether the app is compatible with the cell phone you wish to monitor. It is more like a thing of common sense but many people who are not tech-savvy and lack technical knowledge of apps etc. might overlook this. The app you are considering to get should be compatible with the cell phone you want to install it on like Android, iOS etc. This information is usually given on the website. If an app is not compatible with the device, your money will go down the drain.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Having an efficient customer service and technical support is extremely important so that if you find yourself in a fix regarding the app be it installation or how to use the app, they are available to walk you through it. An excellent customer and technical support allow the users to get instant help when the need arises. So the app you buy must have a responsive and helpful customer support team at your service.

Xnspy is a popular cell phone monitoring app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Its numerous monitoring features make it rank among the top monitoring apps. The app users in their Xnspy reviews have appreciated its affordable price, easy installation and navigation, and excellent customer support service.

Xnspy is a great choice if you wish to monitor the cell phone and online activities of your children or employees as it gets you access to their text messages, calls, web history and lot more. You could get to know further about the app by giving a read to Xnspy reviews yourself and. It is an efficient app for fulfilling your monitoring needs bearing in mind all the aforementioned considerations.

Best Sports games for Android

following article is originally written by mark 

Playing sports games on your Android sometimes can be very hard.  On the other hand, you must admit that today is hard to do great sports game for mobiles. After all, most users want them to download for free. So, we can definitely agree that sports games have a hard time and they need to be great to keep up with other quality games. You will find that a lot of games have great graphic but the other problem like modes can stop you from enjoying the game. On the other hand, there are games that are not user-friendly or have some problems with bugging which makes difficult to find a good quality game. So I took the time and tested games which you can download as one of the best sports games for Android.


Djinnworks made a lot of sports games in arcade style like football, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey, skateboarding and bunch of others. They are developers who try to work in any sport and they are not specialized only in one sport. The graphic in games made by them is like in game's that we play in 90's which is what I actually like. Some of the games have bugs but, they are all free so that is nice.  

Check them out -  http://destyy.com/wx1qrA

How to Move from Zimbra to Office 365 or Outlook Perfectly

Zimbra Desktop & ZCS is being used by thousands of users. But due the low connectivity of Zimbra Desktop with Zimbra Collaboration Server, several business users have the requirement to move from Zimbra to Office 365, which is another good app for business users for handling data and other information. So, if users have requirement for Zimbra to Office 365 Migration then they may face difficulty because Zimbra doesn’t support any such function which helps to directly migrate emails, contacts, address book, tasks, briefcase, etc. from Zimbra to Office 365.

So let’s have some conversation for Zimbra, Office 365 and its migration solution so as to help users resolve queries regarding “How to Convert Zimbra to Office 365”.

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